FS moc figures



i have these for sale accepting paypal i can ship up to 5 figures to you in the u s for 4.50
heres a list
lt dannl faytonni 5.00
lars homestead padme 5.00 (pending)
clone wars mace windu general 5.00
elan sleazbaggano 5.00
ashla and jenpa 5.00
boba fett carkoon x2 5.00 each (pendingx1)
red arc trooper 12.00
ayy vida 6.00
asajj ventress 5.00 (pending)
mcquarrie stormtrooper 12.00
obi wan nightclub 5.00
durge 5.00
aayla secura 5.00 (pending)
clone wars obi wan general 5.00
han solo hoth rescue 5.00 (pending)
bail organa 6.00
imp dignitary janus 6.00
these are all moc about c8 to c9 conditions
overseas buyers welcome as well
or will consider trades for some vintage items
thanks gary j

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pm'd you back

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