FS: Misc Items: Lego, Mini Busts, Pins and more

Jul 6, 2000
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E-mail or PM if you are interested in the following.

Gentle Giant Mini Busts

White Clone Troopers x 2 $45.00 each
Star Wars Pins All in perfect condition

Jango Fett Pin from Pin USA $6.00
Gold Attack of the Clones from Pin USA $6.00
12” Figures

Mint in Box Boxes may have shelf wear.

Slave Leia & R2 $20.00
Princess Leia Ceremonial $15.00
Han Solo & Taun Taun (box wear) $30.00
Qui Gon Jinn and Amidala $50.00 (light shelf wear)

--Loose Figures--

Leia as Boushh (from KB) $10.00
Captain Tarpals(No Kaduu) $10.00

3 3/4 “ Figures

3 Figures from Cantina Aliens Cinema Scene $6.00

Battle Droid OOM-9 $1.50
IG-88 SOTE $2.00
Ki-Adi Mundi TPM $1.50
Ketwol $1.50
Luke Skywalker (Endor Geer, No Bike) $2.00
Nute Gunray $1.50
Padme Amididala Arena Escape $1.00
Princess Leia (Endor Gear, No Bike) $2.00
Royal Guard Saga $1.50
Tusken Raider (female) $1.50
Xizor $1.50


Lego Mini Figures

Emperor no cane $1.00
Darth Maul with Hood and single Lightsaber $2.50
Tusken Raider with gun $2.00
C-3PO $1.50
R2-D2 x 2 $1.50
Bib Fortuna $2.00
Boba Fett $2.00
Stormtrooper with missing helmet $1.00



Aurra Sing signed by Michonne Bourriague. This is a Star Wars Evolution card signed in person by Michonne. It is signed with a blue sharpie and has both Michonne’s name and Aurra Sing signed on the card. The card is NM/M condition inside a top loader. $10 shipped.

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