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Sep 29, 2005
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OHIO Where Kenner Started It All!!!
:)Here's a few items for sale. Many are AFA worthy or qualified if that's your thing. Nothing will be marked sold until payment is received. I have hundreds of satisfied scummers here and 1600+ from ebay since 2000.

No charge for paypal IF you send as a friends and family personal transfer. Otherwise please add 4% to cover fees. I can also accept a postal money order for those not comfortable with(or just hate) paypal.

I cannot hold unpaid for items for more than 48 hours. Please let me know for sure if you inquire on an item so I can go to the next on the wait list.

Please be patient when awaiting an answer on an item. I return all PM's in the order they're received and I have a regular job. If you want the item and cannot wait a day or two for a reply, I suggest trying ebay with their BIN auctions. Lol

Shipping is NOT included in the prices. I WELCOME overseas buyers, and will ship to most countries except South America. If you'd like to hold items to save on shipping until others are listed I can do that. I just ask that the sold items are paid for before new items are put on hold.

Please do not PM me asking what other items I have for sale. I have MANY items and they will be listed as time permits so PLEASE watch each week or so for new items from now through Spring 2020.

All MOC figures will be securely shipped in a star case for extra protection at no additional cost. They will be bubble wrapped as well as secured around the bubble for safe delivery.

I have been in the hobby for 30+ years, so your items will be packed well.

All ships and vehicles will be securely bubble wrapped and boxed for safest delivery.

Here we go.................................

UPDATED 11/21/19

HK Yoda BHK Princess Leia Organa Brown Hair and Belt AFA 85 $450

TAIWAN Luke Skywalker Blonde Hair/Glossy Pants AFA 80 $300

HK Han Solo Small Head/Moulded Legs AFA 80+ $160

HK Obi Wan Light Grey Hair AFA 80+ $150

HK Sand People AFA80+ $100

HK Jawa Dark Brown Stitch AFA 85 $75

HK C3PO AFA 85 $170

HK Chewbacca AFA 85 $120

HK Death Squad Commander Dark Blue Emblem AFA 80+ $150

ROTJ Preschool Wicket the Ewok Firecart MIB. Unused toy with all parts and figures still baggied. Original insert with hard to find catalog. The box is C7 condition with edge and corner wear. $95

SW DIECAST JC PENNY's MAIL ORDER CATALOG X-WING MIB---------The toy is unused with the HTF clear undamaged cockpit cover and includes the original JC Penny's mailer box with store label. The box is torn with one side flap missing but these boxes are VERY hard to find period. $100

Ewok Glider 100% complete $35

Speederbike 100% complete $35

ESB Radar Laser Cannon 100% complete $18

ESB Cloud Car Vehicle 100% complete with ALL decals present. $25

ESB Imperial Walker At-At MIB. Vehicle is 100% complete with WORKING chin guns and light. Box has edge wear but has POP present and displays well. $260

ESB Imperial Attack Base 100% complete. $50

ESB Micro Collection Hoth World Playset NRFB. The toy is unused with all parts and figures still baggied. Original cardboard inserts and instructions included. The box has some shelf wear but one end is still tape sealed and the POP is present. $350

MICRO MILLENNIUM FALCON BAGGIE FIGURES------------------Each figure is unused and sealed in original baggie. I have a few available of each. Prices are: Han(SOLD OUT).Lando Chewie R2D2 C3PO $25 ea

MICRO DEATH STAR COMPACTOR FIGURES--------------------Each figure is unused and sealed in original baggies. I have a few available of each. Ben or Vader $15ea.

ESB At-At Commander Kenner Baggies------------------------These are original ESB figures heat sealed in original Kenner Baggies with weapon. Bright bold lettering and looks case fresh!! Limited quantity available. $60 EA

MISB The Emperor-----------------------These are MISB sealed box vintage The Emperor figures in mailer boxes with no addresses and include the enclosed booklet. $45 ea C9/ $30 ea C8

ESB MICRO Collection Hoth Army---------------------------------------------------The baggie is factory sealed and includes figures 692600-692607 and all are individually bagged and mint. I only have a few of these available. $35 ea

ROTJ 48 Count Mini Action Figure Shipper boxes-----------------The boxes have all their flaps but have wear and bends. These rarely show up anymore and look wonderful on display.
$190 each

1984 Buena Vista Star Wars, ESB and ROTJ Read Along books w/cassette set--------------The set is factory sealed with undamaged celophane. All 3 read along books are included as well as the cassette with dialogue from all 3 films. I have only 2 available. Great to frame or display! $30 each

Vintage ROTJ General Madine figure sealed in baggie------------------The figure is mint/unused and sealed in original MADE IN TAIWAN baggie. This is the harder to find GREEN hair variant and is heat sealed with original weapon. These were from an overseas warehouse find from years ago. 100% guaranteed original and verified by Frank Mewes(frunkstar) on SWFUK. I have a handful of these left. $40 each

R2D2 Sensorscope Kenner Baggie figure sealed. Made in Hong Kong version, tape sealed with no rips or tears. NICE decal not often found this white. $95

B-Wing Pilot Kenner Baggie figure sealed. Heat sealed with original blaster from Kenner store overstock. No rips or tears. $45

Vintage Han Solo Trench Coat-----------------------------------------These are MINT bulk overstock figures all unused with original BLACK blasters only sold with this figure still taped to the back on the trenchcoat. I have 3 different versions available and only a handful of each. Please specify which version you are interested in when sending a PM. $50 each OR all 3 for $135.

VERSION 1 Camo Lapel no COO

VERSION 2 Camo Lapel no COO clean face variant

VERSION 3 Plain Lapel no COO realistic face variant

Tomarts Price Guide To Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles Softcover book-----------------------The book is unused and old store stock. The book is one of the best visual guides written with pictures and cross reference numbers for many 1977-1994 toys and collectibles. I have only 2 copies available. This book was co-written by Steven Sansweet and has pictures of items from his own collection. Excellent coffee table book! Note: the values are from 1994(pre-ebay) and are not current. Lol $18 each.

SW Vinyl Mini Action Figures Collectors Case-----------(FROM THE CALIFORNIA BIG PICK FIND)The case is unused and factory sealed with original back sticker. The sticker was miscut at the factory and applied with the original plastic band. The case is near mint with some minor scratches but no split edges and tight unbroken graphics! Excellent high grade collectors piece and VERY hard to find unused and sealed! $600

SW Structors Action Walkers C3PO Motorized Action Kit--------------Unused kit with all pieces bagged and original instructions. The box hang tag is unpunched and the box displays beautifully. $15

SIGMA CERAMICS STATUES: All are mint and complete with original tags in their boxes.

The Emperor $45

Bib Fortuna, Klaatu $15 each

Leia Boushh, Han Solo $22 each

ESB MPC Snowspeeder Model Kit----------------------The kit is factory sealed and still shrinkwrapped. This is the 1989 Commemorative Edition and is a fully licensed kit for ages 10 to adult. $30



MISB $100

ROTJ Tri Pod Laser Cannon NRFB Unused with inserts. $30 SOLD

HK Stormtrooper AFA 80+ $85 SOLD

MORE TO COME EVERY MONTH, SO CHECK BACK OFTEN.....................................


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Sep 29, 2005
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OHIO Where Kenner Started It All!!!
All PM's returned. These items are now SOLD:








These items are all pending payments:

Tie Interceptor

Vader Tie

Ewok Battle Wagon

B wing Fighter

Micro X Wing

Endor Forest Ranger

More to be listed so stay tuned and keep those PM's coming!

Jan 2, 2005
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I'll take the 4 Bespin bagged figures. Han, Lobot, Ugnaught and Dengar.
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Sep 29, 2005
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OHIO Where Kenner Started It All!!!
BUMP. Now taking reasonable offers(no lowball) for all MOC figures currently listed. Whatever is left will go to FB or ebay shortly. I have a whole new set of items ready to be listed after the MOC's are sold.

Thanx to all and keep those PM's coming!