FS Lot of 153 Star Wars minifigs [ SOLD ]

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Jan 7, 2006
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I am selling this lot of 153 Star Wars Lego Mini Figures. None of the mini-figures have been played with, displayed only. I have described each figure to the best of my ability/ They only come with capes/sabers/blasters when stated. I am looking to get $500 (about $3 a figure) for the lot shipped in the US. PM me if interested.

Luke X-wing flesh saber with grey handles x2
Anakin new version withblue saber grey handle
Anakin from set 7133 blue saber grey handle
Anakin battle damaged from set 7251
Obi-Wan in clone armor new,blue saber grey handle
Obi-wan blue saber grey handle from set 7161
Obi-wan blue saber grey handle hood orange beard
Jar-Jar with shield X3
Luke Jedi black glove green saber grey handleX2
Luke jedi green saber grey handle no black glove
Luke Jedi camo shirt green saber grey handle
Luke X=wing yellow face blue saber grey handle
Buzz droid
General Grievies bodyguard with staff
Gamorrean guard grey arms X2
Qui-gon green saber grey handle
Kit-fisto green saber grey handle
Plo-koon blue saber grey handle
Endor trooper with beard
Endor trooperclean face
Rebel trooper X4
Leia hoth
Luke farm boy yellow face
Han flesh brown pants
Chewie brown
Chewie redish brown
Leia Endor
Tuscan Raider
Rotta the hutt
X-wing pilot flesh
X-wing pilot yellow
Gonk droid
C3-PO light
R2 grey head
R2 white head
A-wing pilot
Imperial officer, yellow, hat,black outfit X2
Tarkin flesh
imperial officer flesh grey outfit ,new
imperial officer, yellow ,grey outfit and hat set7201 X7
black assassin droid X2
IG-88 X3
Royal guard, force pike and cape X2
Lando skiff, axe and helmet
Vaders apprentice, red saber,grey handle
Darth Maul,hood and duel red saber with silver handle
Darth Vader, cape, red saber with silver handle
Asajj Ventress, skirt two red sabers and bent grey handles
Stormtroopers,flesh face X4
Biker Scouts, yellow face painted on goggles X6
Recon clone trooper, red markings
Stormtroopers, yellow head X6
Clone troopers episode III X8
Star corps clone, yellow markings X4
Shock trooper X4
Shadow trooper X2
Storm trooper, black head X2
Clone trooper, Phase 1 armor, solid helmet X4
Clone trooper phase 1, visor is cut out, X4
Sand trooper X2
Battle droid security, Red torso
Battle droidCommander, yellow torso
Battle droid, blue marks on torso X2
Battle droid pilot, blue torso X2
Super battle droid, grey ,X2
Rocket battle droid
B'omarr Monk
Droideke X4
Probe droid
Battle droids X10
Jabba the Hutt
Ewok, all brown
Ewok, brown body and tan head
New Ewok, grey body brown hood
New Ewok,brown body andtan hood
New Ewok,brown body and orange hood
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