FS: loose prequel figures

Apr 24, 2002
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San Diego
These are all loose/mint/complete. Shipping is $2 for first figure and .25 for each additional. Payment via PayPal gift only please, thanks for looking. Shipping within USA only.

POTJ Mas Amedda 3
ROTS Mas Amedda 3
AOTC Chancellor Palpatine 3
SAGA Poggle the Lesser 3
POTJ Shmi Skywalker 3
ROTS Aayla Secura 3
ROTS Luminra Unduli 3
ROTS Shaak Ti 3
ROTS Commander Gree 4
AOTC Tusken Raider w/ child 3
POTJ Saesee Tiin 3
POTJ Coruscant Guard 3
EP1 Destroyer Droid 3
ROTS Tarkin 3
AOTC Tusken Raider w/ massiff 3
AOTC Sneak Preview Zam Wesell 3
ROTS Wookie Heavy Gunner 3
AOTC Wat Tambor 8
ROTS Commander Bly 8
AOTC Lott Dod 3
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