FS:loose-Mcquarres, Zev,snowsp TAC etc. free ship!

Dec 17, 2007
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hello fellow scummers.
For sale, bundle of very nice figs and vehicle! All loose complete except NO COINS. I dont collect them and threw all of them-coins only- out. Sorry!If you want to do this securely, we can do it thru ebay. Just pm me.

1. Mcquarrie Concept Boba Fett
2. Mcquarrie Concept snowtrooper x 2
3. VTSC biker scout
4. VTSC han Solo endor
5. TAC Luke Skywalker tatooine w/ moisture evap
6. TAC Luke Skywalker Jabbas palace (black)
7. TAC Roron Corobb
8. Zev Scenesca
9. Snowspeeder Vehicle - loose complete target exclusive
10. GI Joe 25th anniv firefly
11. GI joe 23th anniv stormshadow white with hood

all the above for 55 dollars free shipping within continental US. Thank you!All in excellent condition some of them are literally a few days old from purchase date.
Need to streamline!!