FS Loose and Carded figures

Feb 10, 2010
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Sacramento, CA
Shipping will be $4 per figure unless you buy multiples. Each additional figure will be $2 shipping. I may offer free shipping for figures after a certain number has been reached. Be sure to check back as I might be making an edit on if free shipping will be available. For now, pictures will be available upon request.

For MOC figures I will list if there's any damage to the card next to the item.

I'll be adding loose figures in the future.

- Han Solo in Stormtrooper gear from Kellogs $4 (shipping package has normal wear)
- R2-D2 with Holographic Princess Leia POTF2 Commtech $4 (bubble is yellowed and card is bent on upper right corner)
- Dash Rendar Shadows of the Empire $4
- Watto Episode I $2 (card is slightly scuffed near commtech chip)
- Boba Fett 300th Figure $6 (minor wear on the corners)
- Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader Final Duel 25th Anniversary $8
- R3-T7 Sneak Preview $2 (card has minor scuffs on the corners)
- Shaak Ti Saga Collection 02-10 $2
- Royal Guard Saga Collection 02-19 $2
- Endor Rebel Soldier Saga Collection 02-33 Bearded $2
- Supreme Chancellor Palpatine Saga Collection 02-39 $2 (card has slight crease along the upper left side)
- Aayla Secura Saga Collection 03-11 $2 (slightly scuffed corners on the card)
- Clone Trooper 2003 Special Edition Toys R' Us exclusive silver figure $4