FS FS: Iron Studios 1/4 Scale Darth Vader

Mar 9, 2011
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Honolulu, Hawaii

I am putting up for sale my Iron Studios 1/4 Scale Darth Vader. (number 0711/1000)
I am the original owner of this magnificent piece.
Some things I wanted to disclose are:

- This has been sitting boxed up in my room for a while now, so the pictures that I have to show are from when I first received it.
- Pictures do not do this statue justice, especially my crappy pictures that I took with my phone lol. This is hands down one of the best vader statues in any scale.
- The art shipper box came with a dent on the corner, as can be seen in the picture. Statue contents are unaffected by this.
- The statue came with a small tear on the inside cape, I think the wire that molds to keep the shape of the cape poked through. This cannot be seen when the item is posed. I have included a picture of this.
- Shipping with be through UPS or FedEx, as the box is very large. Please note that I am shipping from Hawaii, so shipping could get quite expensive.

Pricing has been a bit hard to track down, but I have seen this piece go for over $1000 in the past.

I would like to list it for sale on here at $900 OBO (please add 3% if paying goods and services), plus shipping. If you are interested please let me know and I can get some shipping quotes. I have good feedback on these forums (link in my signature), and also have a little bit of feedback on eBay under user "ukepicker808"

Thank you for looking!


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