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Feb 11, 2005
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Star Wars Modern Sale List
Hello everyone,
Below is a list of my modern Star Wars for sale ranging from PotFII to Legacy. Shipping is not included but will make it as affordable as possible, I do use delivery confirmation on all packages. I accept all forms of payment including Paypal: flounnderr@aol.com

I will be listing a lot of Vintage figures including vintage PotF this week as well.
I check PM’s every night. Figures will be filled in the order PM’s are received.

Thanks for looking,
All Figures and Vehicles moc /mib

*NEW* Walmart Legacy Dewback and Sandtrooper MOC- $25.00

SW: Saga Collection
2) Han Solo (Sailbarge #002) UGH chase w/ silver rebel moc- 6.00

Demise of Grievous (Target Exclusive) moc 6.00

Episode I
1) Qui Gon Jinn (jedi master, soft goods) moc- 8.00

Power of the Jedi
1) R4-M9 moc- 6.00

Power of the Force II
1) Orrimaarko (pruneface) moc- 3.00

Loose Figures- with no accessories unless noted. Shipping is not included.

$40 (shipped) for the lot, or separate $3.00 each (+ shipping)

Jedi Council Screen Scene parts- $25.00
ROTS Kit Fisto (complete)
ROTS Yoda w/ cloak, lightsaber (complete)
ROTS Obi wan Kenobi (jedi kick)
OTC Saesee Tinn (from Jedi Council)
OTC Mace Windu (from Jedi Council)
EPI Anakin (Naboo) w/ robe
EPI Obi wan Kenobi (jedi duel)
EPI Qui Gon Jinn (Jedi Duel)
EPI Spirit of Qui Gon Jinn (Light Up)-sold
POTF2 Ben (obiwan) Kenobi

ROTS Evolutions
1) Count Dooku (no sabre) - 4.50
Saga Screen Scenes
1) War Room table (complete)- 6.00

$15 (shipped) for the lot, or 3.00 each (+ shipping)
1) 30th Anniversary R2D2 (Dagobah Battle pack)
2) POTF2 Luke Dagobah no acc.
3) POTF2 Spirit of Obi Wan
4) POTF2 Yoda (complete)

Legacy Collection- all are 3.00
1) Boba Fett from sarlaac UBP (complete)
2) Han Solo Skiff from sarlaac UBP (complete)
3) Lando Skiff from sarlaac UBP (complete)
4) Luke Skiff from Sarlaac UBP no acc.- 1.00

30th Anniversary
1) Chewbacca Marvel comic (complete)

SW: ROTS – all 3.00
1) Emperor Palpatine attack (complete)
2) General Grievous sabre attack no acc.
3) Grievous’s Bodyguard
4) Neimoidian no acc.
6) Palpatine no acc. damaged- 0.50
7) Yoda spinning attack cape, lightsabre

Star Wars: The Saga Collection 2006
1) Barada no acc.- 3.00

OTC Screen Scenes
1) Dr. Evazon (complete) – 6.50

Clone Wars (Animated)
1) Anakin battle damaged, no acc. – 2.00

Saga 2002- all are 3.00
1) Anakin Outlander, no cloak
2) Count Dooku no acc. x 2
3) Darth Maul Sith Training no acc.
4) Kit Fisto no acc.
5) Saesee Tiin no acc.
6) JN-66 (library droid)

Episode I- All are 3.00
2) Boss Nass (complete, staff and comtech) – 3.00
3) Deluxe Obi Wan
4) Jar Jar (damaged, no ears or vest)
5) Obi wan Kenobi (jedi duel)
6) Watto (Watto’s Box Cinema Scene)

EPI Beasts
1) Opee (beast only)- 4.00

PotF II- All are Complete w/ all acc. 3.00
1) Admiral Akbar (complete)
2) Ben (obiwan) Kenobi, hooded vers. (complete) x 2
3) Darth Vader (complete, short sabre)
4) Endor Rebel Soldier (complete)
5) Garinidan (complete)
6) General Lando Calrisian (complete)
7) Greedo (complete)
8) Princess Leia new likeliness (complete)
9) Weequay (complete) x 2
10) Yoda (complete)

All are 2.00 (unless noted)
11) Darth Vader no acc.
12) Darth Vader DS II (from Cinema scene)
13) Darth Vader Electronic F/X light works
15) Admiral Akbar no acc.
16) EV-9D9 no acc.
17) Jabba the Hutt- $4.00
18) Leia as Boush w/ helmet, cape
19) Luke Dagobah no acc.
20) Luke Endor w/ camo (from Speeder set) x 2
21) Luke DS II battle (from Cinema scene) no acc.
22) Luke jabba skiff (complete galaxy) no acc.
24) Obiwan Kenobi no acc. x 2
25) Obiwan Kenobi (Cinema scene) no acc.
26) Orrimaako (Prune Face) no acc.
27) Ponda Boba (cinema scene) no acc.
28) Pop Up R2D2 (damaged)- 0.50
29) Stormtrooper w/ large rifle- $3.00
31) Yoda

Potf II mail away/ pack-ins- All are 3.00
1) Han Solo pilot (from CD Rom playset)

Potf II Vehicles/Beasts
2) Imperial Speeder w/ Leia (missing one handle) - 5.00

Assorted Star Wars Lot - $15.00
Feb 11, 2005
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Re: FS:Huge star wars lot Legacy-Potf 2 exclusives

Hey Everyone,

20% discount on all loose figures. I'm going to bump this once, and then it's off to ebay.

THanks for looking