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Feb 2, 2005
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Prices are negotiable, especially the more you buy.

I'm happy to open packaged items and send them loose.

I accept/prefer PayPal as gift, but am open to other methods.

I may have multiples of some items even if not listed, and I may be willing to break up sets or even sell parts of things. It can’t hurt to ask.

Please feel free to
PM me with any questions or offers.

Funko Wacky Wobblers
(bobbleheads), MISB
Boba Fett $10
Greedo $10
Han Solo (ANH) $10
Gamorrean Guard x2 $10 each
Clone Trooper (RotS) $15
Obi-Wan (ANH) $20
deluxe Vader w/TIE $15
deluxe Vader w/TIE (loose, displayed) $10

Hasbro 12” figures (Saga ’02) sealed in non-mint boxes, $15 each
Count Dooku
Mace Windu
Zam Wesell
Imperial Officer
Super Battle Droid (loose, played-with condition) $5

Super D Palm Talkers (2005, K-Mart)
Mint on mostly non-mint cards. Maul, Yoda, & R2 need their batteries replaced, the rest are still working in their packages.
$10 each or $75 for the set
Darth Vader
Boba Fett
Darth Maul

Galactic Heroes
$125 takes all (34 figures)

MOMC, $7 each:
Durge & Obi-Wan (in Clone Armour)
Chewbacca & C-3PO
Fixer & Boss, Republic Commandos --corner of bubble is dented
Royal Guard & Imperial Gunner $15
Battle on Mustafar cinema scene (box has been opened, but figures never removed) $50
-includes exclusive Padme + Commander Thire figures, as well as 4 Shocktroopers, Anakin (sith eyes), Obi-Wan, C-3PO, & Darth Sidious

Loose/Mint (removed from, then replaced into package) $7 each:
Scout Trooper w/Speeder Bike
AotC Clone Trooper (Sergeant) & Battle Droid (red)
Kashyyyk Trooper & Yoda

plain white AotC Clone Trooper (came with Yoda) $4
ANH Obi-Wan, hood down (came w/Sandtrooper) $4
Wedge w/removable helmet (came w/TIE Pilot) $5
Hoth Luke (came w/Hoth Han) $3
Clone Armor Obi-Wan (came w/puzzle) $3
ANH Han (came w/Millennium Falcon) $3
AotC Padme (Arena outfit - from Cinema Scene) $4
AotC Anakin (from Cinema Scene) $3
Darth Vader Backpack Hero $5
Darth Tater Backpack Hero $10

Unleashed 7"

Loose, Mint, Complete:
Princess Leia, Jabba’s skiff $35
Yoda, AotC $35
Han Solo, ANH $35
Aayla Secura $25
Luke Skywalker, RotJ $20
Chewbacca, OT $20
IG-88 $20
Tusken Raider $20
Obi-Wan Kenobi, AotC $20
Anakin Skywalker, AotC $20
Jango (& removable kid Boba) Fett $20 --one of his blasters is damaged
General Grievous $15
Shocktrooper $15
Bossk $15
Anakin Skywalker, Mustafar Duel $15
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mustafar Duel $15
Asajj Ventress $15
Yoda vs. Sidious $15
Darth Vader, RotS wave $15

Exclusives in tube packaging: Tubes are sealed and look pretty perfect.
Boba Fett $20 SOLD
Darth Vader, Bespin Duel $20
Shadow Stormtrooper $25

Carded, $20 each: Most of these have the shelfwear bends & creases typical of this line, though several are in surprisingly good shape.

Darth Sidious, RotJ --original style card; all the rest are the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] style with the character art
Luke Skywalker, Hoth Pilot
Han Solo, Stormtrooper disguise
AotC Clone Trooper
AotC Clone Captain
RotS Chewbacca
Yoda vs. Sidious
Tusken Raider
Mace Windu $25
Count Dooku $25
Aayla Secura $30
Bossk --dented bubble $15

Gentle Giant Bust-Ups $6 each

Series 1 - Heroes
Han Solo
Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia SOLD
Princess Leia [chase variant] SOLD

Series 2 - Bad Guys ALL SOLD
Count Dooku
Darth Maul
Darth Maul [chase variant]
Darth Sidious SOLD
Darth Vader
Darth Vader [chase variant]
Royal Guard
Stormtrooper [pose #1]
Stormtrooper [pose #2]
Stormtrooper [pose #3]

Series 3 - Bounty Hunters SOLD
Boba Fett $10
silver Boba Fett [chase variant] $10
Jango Fett $10

Series 4 - Revenge of the Sith SOLD
Anakin Skywalker
Clone Trooper w/rifle
Clone Trooper w/carbine
Emperor Palpatine SOLD
General Grievous
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Series 5 - Hoth SOLD
AT-AT Driver
Darth Vader
Han Solo
Luke Skywalker x2
Snowtrooper SOLD
Snowtrooper [ICE variant] $10
Wampa [ICE variant] $10

Series 6 - Cantina SOLD
Han Solo
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Ponda Boba $10

Series 7 - Clone Wars Animated (Tartakovsky micro-series)
Anakin Skywalker SOLD
Clone Trooper SOLD
ARC Trooper (blue) SOLD
ARC Trooper Captain (red) SOLD
General Grievous SOLD
General Grievous [chase variant] $10 SOLD
Obi-Wan Kenobi SOLD
Padme Amidala $10 SOLD

Exclusives and boxed sets
AotC Clone Lieutenant - 2004 Toy Fair exclusive $10
Spirit of the Rebellion - 2004 convention exclusive (includes Luke, Han, Leia, C-3PO) $15 SOLD
Spirit of Yoda - 2004 Entertainment Earth exclusive SOLD
Silver Jango Fett - 2005 Comic Con exclusive $10 SOLD
Chrome Boba Fett "100th Bust-Up" - 2006 SDCC exclusive $10
‘Vader in flames’ - 2006 convention exclusive SOLD
AotC Clone Sergeant - GG Collector's Club exclusive $10
Holographic Vader & Maul - Action Figure Express exclusive $10 SOLD
Animated Clone Trooper 3-packs (Armada 1 & Armada 2) $15 each
AotC Clone Troopers box set $20 (includes 1x each Trooper, Captain, Lieutenant, & Commander w/ extra arms and accessories for different poses) SOLD
Mos Eisley Cantina Band box set $25
from RotS Clone Trooper Army Builder sets (clean version):
-gray Coruscant Clone w/rifle SOLD
-orange Utapau Clone w/rifle SOLD
-blue 501[SUP]st[/SUP] w/rifle SOLD
-blue 501[SUP]st[/SUP] w/carbine SOLD
from the Bounty Hunters set:
-IG-88 $10 SOLD
-meditation chamber Vader SOLD

Titanium Series

'Ultra' Vehicles, MIB, $20 each
TIE Fighter
Vader’s TIE Advanced
Slave I
Droid Tri-Fighter
ARC-170 (loose, but still in display case)
Millennium Falcon (removed from, then placed back into package) $50

Figures, MIB, $15 each
1[SUP]st[/SUP] style package (plastic) --most of these are dented at the top:
Darth Vader
Boba Fett
Bossk [regular colors]
Bossk [silver patina/vintage finish]
Sandtrooper [regular colors]
Sandtrooper [silver patina/vintage finish]
2[SUP]nd[/SUP] style package (cardboard):
Clone Trooper (RotS) [501st colors]
Clone Trooper (RotS) [silver patina/vintage finish] $20
General Grievous
General Grievous -loose, with display case $10
Darth Maul $20
Target exclusive ‘Mustafar armor’ Vader

3" Vehicles
Loose, $6 each... All that came with stands include them:
Clone Turbo Tank
Jango Fett's Slave I
silver Slave I (Titanium Limited)
Anakin’s RotS Jedi Starfighter (Mustafar green)
Obi-Wan’s RotS Jedi Starfighter (Utapau blue)
Naboo Royal Starship
Trade Federation AAT
Sith Infiltrator
Republic Cruiser
Anakin’s Modified Jedi Starfighter (Clone Wars micro-series) $8
General Grievous’ Starfighter
WM Exclusive Gift Pack #3 (blue package), includes TIE Fighter, X-Wing, Y-Wing, Landspeeder, silver Millennium Falcon $35

MISB, $10 each:

Republic Gunship
Naboo Fighter
Swamp Speeder
TIE Bomber

Death Star $20
Republic Attack Cruiser $15
Jango Fett's Slave I
Speeder Bike (w/Scout Trooper)
white TIE Fighter (Titanium Limited)
Vulture Droid
shark-painted Republic Gunship from Clone Wars micro-series (Titanium Limited)
Episode III Millenium Falcon (Titanium Limited)
TIE Interceptor $12
Republic Gunship (Command deco)
Darth Maul’s Sith Speeder
Obi-Wan’s AotC Jedi Starfighter w/Hyperspace Ring
gold Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced X1, Convention Exclusive $15

Plo Koon’s AotC-style Jedi Starfighter w/Hyperspace Ring
Kit Fisto's AotC-style Jedi Starfighter w/Hyperspace Ring
A-Wing (green)
Trade Federation Battleship

Saesee Tiin’s AotC-style JSF w/ Hyperspace Ring
Jabba’s Desert Skiff

Neimoidian Shuttle

WM Exclusive Gift Packs, $40 each
#1 (yellow package) : Anakin + Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighters, Republic Gunship, Droid Tri-Fighter, silver AT-RT
#2 (red package) : X-Wing, Swamp Speeder, ARC-170, Slave I, silver TIE Bomber
#4 (green package) : Vader’s TIE, Imperial Shuttle, Star Destroyer, AT-AT, silver Death Star

Books Condition ranges from brand new, never read to pretty worn. I'll make sure you know what you're getting.

paperback novels
$5 each
Knight Errant
Darth Bane: Path of Destruction
Darth Bane: Rule of Two*
Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil*
Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
Rogue Planet
The Approaching Storm
Republic Commando: Hard Contact
Republic Commando: Triple Zero
Republic Commando: True Colors
Medstar II: Jedi Healer
Yoda: Dark Rendezvous
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader
The Han Solo Trilogy: #1 The Paradise Snare
The Han Solo Trilogy: #2 The Hutt Gambit
The Han Solo Trilogy: #3 Rebel Dawn
Han Solo at Stars’ End
Han Solo and the Lost Legacy
The Han Solo Adventures (all 3 in 1 volume: HS at Stars’ End, HS’s Revenge, & HS and the Lost Legacy)
Death Star
Star Wars Original Trilogy novelizations (all 3 in 1 volume)
Episode IV: A New Hope
Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina
Splinter of the Mind’s Eye
Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Tales of the Bounty Hunters
Shadows of the Empire
Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Tales from the Empire
The Bounty Hunter Wars #1: The Mandalorian Armor
The Bounty Hunter Wars #2: Slave Ship
The Bounty Hunter Wars #3: Hard Merchandise
The Truce at Bakura
X-Wing: Iron Fist
X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar
The Courtship of Princess Leia
Thrawn trilogy #1: Heir to the Empire
Thrawn trilogy #2: Dark Force Rising
Thrawn trilogy #3: The Last Command
I, Jedi
The Jedi Academy Trilogy #1: Jedi Search
The Jedi Academy Trilogy #2: Dark Apprentice
The Jedi Academy Trilogy #3: Champions of the Force
Children of the Jedi
Planet of Twilight
The Crystal Star
Black Fleet Crisis trilogy #1: Before the Storm
Corellian trilogy #1: Ambush at Corellia
Corellian trilogy #2: Assault at Selonia
Corellian trilogy #3: Showdown at Centerpoint
Specter of the Past
Vision of the Future
Survivor’s Quest
Young Jedi Knights: Heirs of the Force
Young Jedi Knights: Shadow Academy
Young Jedi Knights: The Lost Ones
Young Jedi Knights: Lightsabers
Young Jedi Knights: Darkest Knight
Young Jedi Knights: Shards of Alderaan
Young Jedi Knights: Diversity Alliance
NJO: Vector Prime
NJO: Dark Tide II - Ruin
NJO: Agents of Chaos I - Hero’s Trial
NJO: Agents of Chaos I - Hero’s Trial, British edition
NJO: Agents of Chaos II - Jedi Eclipse
NJO: Edge of Victory I - Conquest
NJO: Dark Journey
NJO: Enemy Lines I - Rebel Dream
NJO: Enemy Lines II - Rebel Stand
NJO: Traitor
NJO: Destiny’s Way*
NJO: Force Heretic I - Remnant
NJO: Force Heretic II - Refugee
NJO: The Final Prophecy
NJO: The Unifying Force
Dark Nest I: The Joiner King
Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen
Dark Nest III: The Swarm War
Legacy of the Force: Betrayal
Legacy of the Force: Tempest
Legacy of the Force: Exile
Legacy of the Force: Inferno
Legacy of the Force: Fury
Millennium Falcon*
Fate of the Jedi: Abyss*

'young adult' series
Jedi Apprentice#1: The Rising Force
Jedi Apprentice #2: The Dark Rival
Jedi Apprentice #3: The Hidden Past
Jedi Apprentice #4: The Mark of the Crown
Jedi Apprentice #5: The Defenders of the Dead
Jedi Apprentice #6: The Uncertain Path
Jedi Apprentice #9: The Fight for Truth
Jedi Apprentice #10: The Shattered Peace
Jedi Apprentice #11: The Deadly Hunter
Jedi Apprentice #12: The Evil Experiment
Jedi Apprentice #14: The Ties That Bind
Jedi Apprentice #15: The Death of Hope
Jedi Apprentice #16: The Call to Vengeance
Jedi Apprentice #17: The Only Witness
Jedi Apprentice #18: The Threat Within
Jedi Apprentice Special Edition: Deceptions
Jedi Apprentice Special Edition 2: The Followers
Jedi Quest #1: The Way of the Apprentice
Jedi Quest #2: The Trail of the Jedi
Jedi Quest #3: The Dangerous Games
Jedi Quest #4: The Master of Disguise
Jedi Quest #5: The School of Fear
Jedi Quest #6: The Shadow Trap
Jedi Quest #7: The Moment of Truth
Jedi Quest #8: The Changing of the Guard
Jedi Quest #9: The False Peace
Jedi Quest #10: The Final Showdown
Jedi Quest
Boba Fett #1: The Fight to Survive
Boba Fett #2: Crossfire
Boba Fett #3: Maze of Deception
Boba Fett #4: Hunted
Boba Fett #5: A New Threat
Boba Fett #6: Pursuit
The Last of the Jedi#1: The Desperate Mission
Last of the Jedi #6: Return of the Dark Side
Star Wars Journals:The Fight for Justice (Luke)
Star Wars Journals: Hero for Hire (Han)
Star Wars Journals:Episode I: Queen Amidala
Star Wars Journals: Episode I: Anakin Skywalker
Episode I Adventures #2: The Bartokk Assassins
Episode I Adventures #4: Jedi Emergency
Episode I Adventures #12: The Bongo Rally
Episode I Adventures Game Books #1,2
Star Wars Adventures #1: Hunt the Sun Runner
Star Wars Adventures #5: The Shape-Shifter Strikes
Star Wars Adventures #8: The Hunt for Anakin Skywalker
Star Wars Adventures #13: The Final Battle
Star Wars Adventures Game Books #1,2,5
Star Wars Missions #1: Assault on Yavin Four
Star Wars Science Adventures #2: Journey Across Planet X
Choose Your Own Star Wars Adventure: Return of the Jedi
3 Zorba the Hutt’s Revenge
4 Mission from Mount Yoda
6 Prophets of the Dark Side

hardcover novels $10 = may have some light wear, those not marked are like new and are $15
Darth Bane: Rule of Two
Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil
Cloak of Deception
Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Maul/Sidious cover)
Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon cover) $10
Rogue Planet
Outbound Flight
The Approaching Storm
Episode II: Attack of the Clones
The Cestus Deception
Jedi Trial
Shadows of the Empire $10
Tatooine Ghost
The Last Command $10 -has a small tear on the spine of the dust jacket
I, Jedi
Children of the Jedi $10
Planet of Twilight $10
Specter of the Past
Survivor's Quest
NJO: Vector Prime
NJO: Destiny's Way
Millennium Falcon
Fate of the Jedi: Abyss

book club editions:
Jedi Trial
Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader $10
The Jedi Academy Trilogy (all 3 in 1 volume: Jedi Search, Dark Apprentice, & Champions of the Force) $25
Planet of Twilight $10
Survivor's Quest

Scholastic: $10 each
Legacy of the Jedi
Secrets of the Jedi
Jedi Quest


Unless noted otherwise, sets have been assembled and displayed (away from any smoke, pets, small children, or direct sunlight), and are 100% complete, including all minifigures and original instruction books. I still have most of the original boxes also. Instructions and especially boxes may or may not be in mint condition, but all Legos are.

Episode I:
7101 Lightsaber Duel $30
7111 Droid Fighter $10
7115 Gungan Patrol $35
7121 Naboo Swamp $25
7141 Naboo Fighter $40
7161 Gungan Sub $100
7171 Mos Espa Podrace $100
7203 Jedi Defense I $30
7204 Jedi Defense II $25
3343 Battle Droids minifigure set x3 $20 each
10026 UCS Naboo Starfighter $200
8000 TECHNIC Pit Droid $35

Attack of the Clones:
7103 Jedi Duel $40
7113 Tusken Raider Encounter $35
7133 Bounty Hunter Pursuit $100
7143 Jedi Starfighter $50
7153 Jango Fett’s Slave I $200
7163 Republic Gunship $250
8011 TECHNIC Jango Fett NIB $60
8012 TECHNIC Super Battle Droid $35

Revenge of the Sith:
6205 V-Wing $25
7252 Droid Tri-Fighter $20

Original Trilogy:
4501 Mos Eisley Cantina $125
7110 Landspeeder $25
7119 Cloud Car $25
7130 Snowspeeder $50
7144 Slave I $50
7194 UCS Yoda $200
4475 Jabba’s Message $45
7128 Speeder Bikes $35
7139 Ewok Attack $30
7200 Final Duel I $30
7201 Final Duel II $15
6206 TIE Interceptor $45
8008 TECHNIC Stormtrooper $40
7180 B-Wing & Rebel Control Center (includes B-Wing, Control Center, Pilot & Astromech, but not the maintenance guy or his cart) $40

4484 X-Wing & TIE Advanced $15
4485 Anakin’s & Sebulba’s Podracers $15
4486 AT-ST & Snowspeeder $15
4487 Jedi Starfighter & Slave I $15
4488 Millennium Falcon $20
4489 AT-AT $20
4490 Republic Gunship $20
4491 MTT $10
4492 Star Destroyer $15
4493 Sith Infiltrator $15
4494 Imperial Shuttle $15
4495 AT-TE $20
3219 TIE Fighter $10
6965 TIE Interceptor $10
Build-a TIE Bomber $15
Build-a Y-Wing $20

extra R2-D2 minifig $10


Life on Mars (NOT Star Wars)
7310 Mono Jet
7312 T3-Trike
7313 Red Planet Protector
7316 Excavation Searcher

$70 for all 4

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Feb 2, 2005
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Added Bust-Ups! Also did my best to condense the list and hopefully make it easier to read, and lowered a few prices.