FS: Hasbro, GG, Sideshow, Topps, Art and more

Aug 22, 2003
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Northern VA
Here is a consolidation of everything I have available for sale (or trade) regardless of what line it's from...

For sale:


Unopened case of the final wave of Vintage Collection (online only wave). For sale for $195 shipped (to US).

Complete set of TAC McQuarrie figures carded.
Includes convention figures. $80

Complete set of first six TAC commerative tin four-packs - $60

Mail-Away Prototype Fett - $40
Mail-Away Rocket Firing Fett -$40
Mail-Away Rex - $25

Scramble on Yavin - $75 [gone]

Rise of Boba Fett Ultimate Battle Pack - $125

Geonosis Arena - $70

Fambaa - $100

Ultimate Jango 12-inch - $50

Ultimate Vader 12-inch - $50

300th Boba Fett - $15

CARDED TVC $20/each

Prune Face
Naboo Pilot
Odd Ball
Gungan Warrior
Sandtrooper (lost line)
Sandtrooper (TVC 112)
Han Hoth Foil Card
Darth Vader Foil Card
Clone Trooper Foil Card
Boba Fett ESB paint
Imp Navy Trooper
Gamorrean Guard (Euro card) ($35)
Old Republic Trooper ($35)
Imperial Royal Guard ($35)
Echo Base Trooper ($25)

Legacy Collection $20 each
Concept Snowtrooper
Spacetrooper (BD58)

Clone Wars $15 each
Boba Fett
Commander Fox (CW18)

Sideshow Collectibles
Premium Format statues
Complete with the original packaging. No problems and they look great.

Darth Talon (Exclusive Edition): $1150 [gone]
Aurra Sing (Exc. Ed.): $475.
Leia Jabba Prisoner (Exc. Ed): $475.

Emperor ROTJ 12 inch Sideshow exclusive and Throne. Both never opened. $325 for the set.

Gentle Giant
Darth Maul (international) - $100
Magma Trooper - $175
Royal Guard - $75
Senate Guard - $115
Clone Lt. - $100
Dooku & Ventress - $300
Greedo - $175
Snaggletooth - $175

Han Mynock Hunt Bust - $50 [GONE]
SDCC '13 McQuarrie 3PO - $65

ESB 3D complete set - $10

Galactic Files Series 1 & 2 complete base set - $100
Galactic Files II sketch cards...

Obi-wan by Stephanie Swanger - $40
Leia by Jason Hughes - $25
Clone Pilot by Ian Yoshio Roberts - $50
Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus (I think) by Erik Hodson - $75
Panaka Medallion - $20 [GONE]
Luke Medallion - $35 [GONE]
Magenta Printing Plate for card $630 - $20

- Jedi Legacy-
Complete base Set $10
Single film cels - $15/each
Double cel - $20
Triple Cel - $30

Celebration Europe 2 Star Tots $30/each
A-Wing Pilot
Lando General

Star Wars Shop ESB 30th Anniversary Prints $800
All 12 of the Star Wars Shop prints. Each is limited to 100. Still in the plastic sleeves and placed in portfolio for protection as soon as they arrived. All of them are in perfect condition. I had planned to get them framed and displayed, but that isn't ever going to happen, so someone who will should have them. I am not interested in breaking up the set at this time. If you need to know the number of any of them or photos, please let me know.

Will trade for the final Movie Heroes (Fett, Ep3 Anakin, Sandtrooper) on Blue (Maul) cards.
Also looking to trade for a SSC 1:1 Palpatine bust, Vader and Obi-wan PF's, or MR Signature Edition sabers.

Shipping NOT included unless noted.
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