FS GG Busts & EP1 Queens Royal Starship

Mar 14, 2006
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FS GG Busts & EP1 Queens Royal Starship

It does not seem like people post here as much anymore. I know I stopped awhile ago because I stopped collecting hasbro stuff.
Anyways I have a couple of GG busts that I don't really want anymore and wanted to see if any one local might be interested in any of them. The prices are what I paid for them. However if someone want them all I may be willing to go a little lower.
They are:
Plo Koon- $35.00
Jedi Knight Luke- $30.00
Lando in Skiff Disguise $35.00

I also have an episode I Naboo Royal Starship Playset that still has its box but has been opened. If anyone is interested in this I paid $100 for it and that is what I would like to get for it.

Please feel free to message me with any questions.