FS/FT Vintage/ MU/ Clone Wars

Feb 1, 2005
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Looking to clear some space. I tend to do USPS flat rate shipping of $5 or $10 depending on the package. Obviously if you prefer loose, we can do much cheaper. All items are carded unless otherwise specified

Clone Wars (2010-2011) $7

Riot Control Trooper (Bent card) - Pending
Aqua Droid (Bent Card)

Vintage (2012) Standard retail price: $9

Darth Malgus- Sold!
501 Trooper - Sold!
Wedge Antilles - Pending
ANH Vader
Hoth Luke
Nitko Skiff Guard - Sold!
Kithaba (Brown headband) - Sold!
Bom Vimdin

Marvel Universe

2010 and prior -$8

Armored Thor
Ghost Rider

2011 - $8

Astonishing Wolverine x2
Absorbing Man (Flesh)
Iron Man Tony Stark

2012 -$9
Astonishing Beast - Sold!
Punisher - Sold!
She Hulk - Sold!

MU 2 Packs

She Hulk + Wolverine. Cost is TRU's price of $20 plus shipping. Will ship loose upon request.

MU 3 Packs

Heroic Age: Red Hulk, Iron Man, Thor. $20 plus shipping. Will ship loose upon request.

Looking to buy/trade:

Wal*Mart Avengers 6 inch Hulk, Hawkeye, Loki
TRU Exclusive Avengers v X-Men: Magneto only
The Dark Knight Target Exclusive Movie Masters Batpod - loose preferred
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