FS/FT: Need to Sell Lego Star Wars and other

Oct 31, 2003
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Dubuque, IA
FS/FT: Need to Sell Lego Star Wars and other

Need to pay some credit cards and get me a little closer to the Stormtrooper Armor that I want. Paypal is fine by me, shipping is not included in the prices. I will take anything out of the boxes and ship for free upon request.

Wants: I would trade for the following:


Lego Star Wars-all lego sets are in sealed boxes or bags

UCS General Grievous (10186) - <s>50</s> $40

2 x MOC Silver Stormtrooper (SW097) - <s>$10</s> $8 each (2 for $14)-sold

Mini Tie Fighter (8028) - $<s>5</s>

Star Wars

2009 Walmart Exclusive Dewback with Sandtrooper MISB <s>20</s> $15-sold

2009 Walmart Exclusive Octuptarra Droid MISB <s>30</s> $25

Princess Leia (Ceremonial Gown) 1999 Portrait Edition MIB
-bottom of box sticker is intact but open, never taken out of box. Price tag remnant in upper right corner. - $10

G.I. Joe (MOC C8/9 condition)

Pilot Scarlet MOC - $2

Cobra Commander and Tripwire Comic Pack MOC - $5

Indiana Jones "Last Cursade"

Dr. Henry Jones MOC - $5-sold

Display Case

1:64 Scale Pioneer Crystal Clear Display Case with mirrored bottom. - $5