FS: Force Forever Concept Prototype Logo, 21-Back Fett Partially Opened, More

Apr 7, 2007
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Cleveland area
Greetings all. I have a few nice pieces for sale. If interested, PM me, send an e-mail to me at ClevoBobby@yahoo.com, or contact me through Facebook. Thanks! -Bobby

Vintage Star Wars "The Force Forever" presentation logo concept board. As the folks at Kenner were presenting ideas for what would eventually become The Power of the Force, "The Force Forever" was one of the ideas that was presented before, obviously, being rejected. The photostat artwork measures 7" x 9" and the larger styrene presentation board upon which it's mounted measures approximately 13" x 13". The reverse side of the styrene board carries a Libby Perszyk Kathman label which is the design firm which Kenner used for these concept ideas. This comes with a custom acrylic display case. I purchased this a couple of years ago from another vintage Star Wars collector on Rebelscum, but it just doesn't fit in with my collecting focus which has shifted toward cast, crew and movie production items. That being said, I'm not in a big hurry to sell it so I'm going to reject any low-ball offers. This is absolutely legitimate. This 12-backs and other dime-a-dozen production items fetching thousands of dollars, don't miss the chance to add something truly rare and unique to your collection. This isn't something that's likely to hit this market again as the vast majority of preproduction vintage Star Wars toy related items sell off eBay through private collector-to-collector sales. $2500





Boba Fett on a 21-back Star Wars card. This has been opened. The bubble has been removed from the card along the top, bottom, and left edge. The bubble can swing open but is still sealed along the right edge. That being said, this is hands-down the nicest opened figure I have ever seen. The way the bubble was removed from the card affords a near perfect match when shut. I've seen many resealed figures over the years; some done quite nicely, but this one takes the cake. And it's not a reseal. It's in the same condition it was when I purchased it years ago for my personal collection. The cardboard footer, however, is missing. Other than that, the card is in amazing, unpunched condition with just very minor examples of edge or corner wear on the card. There is a paper tear on the color plate behind where the figure lays, but it's not visible when the figure is placed in the bubble. I've edited down my collection over the years, but I was always reticent to let this go. If I ever decide to rebuild my MOC collection, the 21-back Fett is going to be a toughie because I'm never going to drop 6k+ on what is otherwise a standard production figure. If you're looking to add a 100% authentic 21-back Fett to your collection for under 1k with a gorgeous looking card, then you're not going to do better than this. With this figure displayed in an acrylic case, the edge actually holds the bubble right where it needs to be and you really have to look close to notice that it's not sealed. Even so, I had a difficult time convincing other collector friends that it wasn't factory sealed. This will ship with an Oscar acrylic case and I'll pack to ensure safe delivery. I'll likely remove the figure from the bubble in order to avoid any issues with the figure's weight moving the bubble and send it packed separately. $700








Rancor Keeper - 77a back card. Bubble is slightly yellowed. The card is in great shape with a very light surface paper crease to the right of the peg hole. There are the remains of a Lionel sticker at the upper right hand corner of the card and where it was removed, there are one or two very, very small paper dings. $50





Prune Face - 77a back card. Bubble yellowed. The card is in fantastic condition but there is some odd red ink on the reverse side of the card. I examined this very careful and it looks like some sort of factory error with the printing. $50





41-Back Bespin Security Guard. Great condition on an ESB card. $85




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