FS: Fantasticfrog's Vehicle & Deluxe Figure Collection and more

Sep 14, 2008
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So I really want to scale way down and I am selling off the vehicles and deluxe figs my kids will never miss. Prices do not include shipping and are paypal gift. I will ship actual shipping. All are misb. Feel free to ask any questions

EP1 Royal Starship $110 (window has pulled away from the box a little)
Geonosis Arena Playset $50
POTF2 Shadows of the Empire Slave $40
POTF2 Rebel Snowspeeder $35
POTF2 At-ST $30
EU Airspeeder $12
EU Speeder Bike $10
EU Cloud Car $12
Saga Deluxe Jabba $13
Saga Deluxe General Riekkan $10
POTF2 Dewback $10
Death star escape $10
detention block rescue $10
TAC Tie Interceptor
OTC Y Wing fighter $40
Jedi Knight Army 3 pack $15
Clone Trooper Army White $10
Clone Trooper Army Blue officer $10
order 66 Tsui Choi set $14
2008 SDCC Stormtrooper $20
TAC Rahm Kota $20
TAC Maris Brood $20
TAC Juno Eclipse $10
Deluxe AOTC Anakin and Warrior $5
Deluxe AOTC C3po battle droid $5
Deluxe AOTC Yoda Super battle droid $5
POTF2 deluxe rebel trooper, snowtrooper, and probe droid $7 each
cinema scence cantina showdown $6
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