**FS: Ewoks, TRU & Target Exclusives, Rebels, TAC & TLC, TVC, ++

Jan 18, 2010
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Have the following for sale loose, mint, complete (Prices do not include shipping costs, which will depend on your zip. DC included.
Rebels Stormtrooper x2, $16 (for the pair)
POTJ Apprentice Darth Maul, $9
VC Barriss Offee, $9
Villains 3-pack / DTF Tusken Raider, $9
TAC Darth Bane (no accessories), $10

Also have the following MOC / MIB:
TAC Darth Maul, $9
TAC Han Solo & Chewbacca set (McQuarrie), $15
TLC Jodo Kast, $10
TLC Luke Skywalker (Sandstorm, 1st Day Sticker), $11
TLC Darth Vader (1st Day Sticker), $12
TLC Obi-Wan (w/ lance), $10

**All of the above are available for trade as well
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