Aug 9, 2010
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I have a star wars collection that I am attempting to sell as a whole. I am writing to see if you are interested in purchasing my collection. I have created a simple website to view my collection at:
I hope that you will take some time to view the site to see what I have to offer.
As a collector, you probably know that I don't really want to sell, but feel like I have to. My wife "needs" a new diamond ring(long story). And you know a happy wife is a happy life. I have also priced the pieces on eBay if I were to sell them separately and that is the price I came up with. I honestly think that I could get more than that if I sold separately, but I just don't have the time or energy. In my pricing, that is only $5 an action figure. If you have looked at my collection you will notice that I have a lot of exclusives and others that could go for more than that. Another example is my Arena Encounter. In figuring $4000 I only counted that for $75. Looking on eBay yesterday there were 2 listed for over $200. So I feel that $4000 is a fair price and obviously in selling all this,I will lose money. I paid a lot more in acquiring the items than what I am trying to get. That is the business. Bottom line is I need some money to buy a ring now and you get to own a great collection to either enjoy or sell at a higher price and make more money. It is a win-win. Let me know if you are interested.