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Nov 13, 2014
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albuquerque, nm
hello all,

i looking for some information on selling my Star Wars collection, and hopefully this is the place to get that assistance :)

i have probably 95% of every figure from 1995-2006- dont have every figure for every set, and the ones im missing are usually the very "rare" ones for each set- such as weequay for POTF II set. also have a small amount of variations. stopped collecting around the time of the 30th anniversary, so have very few figures from that set.

i have a majority of the vehicles, playsets and accessory packs as well, but as i say, i dont have any set in its entirely.

im not wanting to part it out, as doing that would just leave me with a bunch of common figures that i would not ever be able to get sold, at least not if i want to even break even on them.

i have an idea of what my collection is worth, using online and other resellers, such as Brians Toys and Ebay to get an average selling price. im not looking to break the bank and im not looking to low-ball my self either. just want a fair price.

what im looking for is what would be the best way to do this? make a for sale post here? make an ebay add? other place?

i dont have pictures of every figure, but i do have a file with every figure for every set, the ones i have/ dont have, and the price i found for said figure.

the collection has always been stored in a smoke free, temperature controlled environment and nearly every figure is in near-mint condition, or as close as can be found when buying them off the shelf. 3.75" figures have been stored in comic long boxes to make for easy storage and portability and the larger things stored in large moving boxes.

if this is the wrong forum for this post, please move. thanx.
Oct 6, 2006
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Well, yes, you can post an ad here. However, I haven't seen anyone be successful in selling an entire set. Most collectors already have most of what's going to be in your set, and they're only interested in the rare ones you don't have. The fact of the matter is, you're not going to break even on those easy-to-find figures. Here's my advice-
If Brians Toys gave you a price you were happy with, just sell to them. They'll buy just about anything, and you can unload it in one fell swoop.
If there are any collectibles stores near you, try bringing the collection to them and having them make an offer. Keep in mind, they don't want those common figures either, but they might be willing to offer you a buck or two on them to get their hands on a ton of inventory with those more desirable figures included.
You can always try Craigslist.
I put a complete (and I mean complete - mailaways, variants, you name it) Vintage Collection on eBay while ago, at what I considered a very fair price, and it sat for a month without a single bid. Ended up costing me $2.50 to let it sit so long. The years you're talking about are some of the biggest market glut with some of the least desirable figures (those green POTF can't even be given away these days.) Especially considering that you say you don't have any set in its entirety, you may have to prepare yourself to accept much less than you were expecting to get it gone.
Or, you could just keep it all, enjoy your collection, and make money selling blood and plasma. :p
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