FS:Comic Packs!!! All types Dropped Prices..Added Pieces

Jan 16, 2009
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Hey Guys,
I have some comic packs up for sale. These are all pretty much case fresh. Payments will be made with paypal via "gift" option. If not...you will pay the 3.0% paypal charges. I have plenty of feedback on here (see link below). Shipping is around 7.00 for each (combined is cheaper). Pictures can be sent upon PM. Can be shipped loose.

Star Wars Tales #22 Clone Commando/Super Battle Droid 20.00
Star Wars Republic #55(7) Obi-Wan/Arc Trooper 10.00 LOOSE
Star Wars Republic #57(11) Anakin/Assassin Droid 12.00 LOOSE
Star Wars Republic #69(1) Asajj Ventress/Tol Skorr SOLD
Star Wars #69(7) Princess Leia/Tobbi Dala 26.00/ 22.00
Star Wars #4(6) Luke/R2D2 10.00
Star Wars #4(11) White Vader/Leia Poncho 34.00
Star Wars #44 Lando/Stormie 24.00/ 18.00
Star Wars #2(03) Tarkin/Stormie 12.00 LOOSE
Star Wars #19(05) Quinlan Vos/Vilmarh Grahrk 11.00
Star Wars #37(15) Mouse/Basso 20.00/ 17.00
Star Wars Shadow of the Empire #5(8) Leia/Prince Xizor 12.00/ 9.00
Star Wars Obsession #3(2) Durge/Anakin bent corner mistake w/labeling SOLD
Star Wars Heir to the Empire #1(9) Grand Admiral Thrawn/Talon Karrde 18.00/ 14.00
Star Wars Heir to the Empire #5(10) Luke Skywalker/Mara Jade 24.00
Star Wars Infinities #4(09) Young Leia/Concept Darth Vader 20.00/ 14.00
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith #1 Count Dooku/Anakin 18.00/ 14.00
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith #3 Wookie Warrior/Kashyyk Trooper 9.00
Star Wars Empire #1(10) Vader/Grand Moff Trachta SOLD
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