FS: Clone Wars Turbo Tank, Y-Wing Bombers For Sale with Figures/LEGACY Falcon

Apr 23, 2002
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I have several items for sale. All are vehicles that include boxes but have been displayed. All include loose figures with the weapons and/or accessories they came with. Everything I have for sale is in fantastic condition. All items were displayed in a pet free, smoke free home. All sales for shipping in the US only. No foreign sales.

First up...

Hasbro 2008-2009 CLONE WARS 3.75" Turbo Tank with everything you see in the pictures that you can click on in the link. The Turbo Tank includes box and manual. All stickers were applied. This was displayed on a book shelf and was never played with. Includes eight Phase II Clone Trooper Turbo Tank Gunners/Pilots from the ROTS line with all accessories present. Also includes two extra Phase II Clone Troopers, one with rocket backpack and sniper rifle and another Phase II Clone Trooper. Both are from the ROTS line from 2005. The Turbo Tanks includes all missiles and accessories and speeder bike. It does not include pack in animated Turbo Tank style pilot though. Any questions, please PM me but I will tell you up front this piece is close to perfect. $100 shipped.


Hasbro 2008-2009 CLONE WARS 3.75" Y-Wing Bomber(s). I have four of these that include all accessories and are in spotless, near mint condition. These were displayed on a book shelf. All four include boxes and manuals and all accessories including bombs and missiles. Each one includes different pilots and astromechs. I will list those now...

Y-Wing Bomber with Clone Wars animated style pilots, Oddball figures X 2 with Goldie, R3-S6 astromech. $50 shipped.

Y-Wing Bomber with Geonosis Assault multi-pack (realistic style) Clone Pilot figures X 2 with R2-D2 astromech (I don't know what line this R2 comes from). $50 shipped.

Y-Wing Bomber with Razor Squadron (Phase 1 style realistic) Clone Pilots figures X 2 with R4-C7 astromech. $50 shipped.

Y-Wing Bomber with Matchstick figures X 2 with animated Clone Wars R2-D2 astromech. $50 shipped.

Hasbro LEGACY Millennium Falcon includes box, Han and Chewie, manual and all accessories. Was displayed but is in near mint condition. $100 shipped.

Please PM me with questions. I will ship by USPS or UPS with tracking number.
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Jan 2, 2016
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Hi! I just sent you a PM for the Hasbro Legacy Millennium Falcon as decribed in your post.

Thank you and best regards.