FS: carded 12 backs and ewoks afa graded

Jul 7, 2014
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As anyone who collects vintage carded figures can appreciate, finding clear bubbles is a very big ask, particularly when it comes to the weeks and droids line. For sale today are 4 vintage carded figures. I have based prices for what sold listings have gone for on eBay after currency conversions so if you want to make an offer please feel free. Who knows I might accept. This is listed on multiple pages. Shipping is from Australia. Trade on potf coins I may need is an option. I don't know how to upload pics but pm me your email and I can send

Afa 85 logray clear bubble 900usd, 1400aud, 850 gbp

Afa 80 wicket clear bubble 900usd, 1400aud, 850 gbp

Afa 80 clear bubble 12back b taken raider 900usd, 1400aud, 850 gbp

Ada 75 clear bubble 12back c death star commander 800 usd, 1300 aud, 800 gap.

Shipping additional or I will ship for free if you take then all