FS: Black Series 6", Black Series 3.75", TFA BAW, S.H.Figuarts

Sep 11, 2014
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Burbank, CA
So, I need to get rid of a lot of the figures taking up space in my closet. I've listed how many I have of each figure and the price per figure. All of these figures are carded on good cards unless otherwise stated, but if you're concerned with card/box condition or paint apps just ask! I'm happy to answer any questions and can send photos if requested. Shipping is not included in the price, but I'm definitely open to negotiation, especially for multiple figures. Just PM me!

S.H. Figuarts
Darth Vader$50
Disney Parks Droid Factory
Black Series 6”
#02 Rey & BB-8 (Jakku) – original release, no lightsaber$15
#10 Resistance Trooper (brown helmet)$8
#11 First Order TIE Fighter Pilot$10
#12 First Order Snowtrooper (white neck, gun in hand) – slightly damaged boxx2$25
#12 First Order Snowtrooper (black neck, gun in hand) – 1 w/cut side of boxx2$25
#12 First Order Snowtrooper (black neck, gun in plastic) – 1 w/damaged cornerx4$12
#13 General Hux (gun in plastic) – damaged corner$21
#16 First Order Flametrooper - minor ripped box flap$10
#17 Finn (FN-2187) - damaged corner on box$15
First Order Snowtrooper Officer (TRU Exclusive)$24
Rey (Starkiller Base) – slightly damaged box$25
Black Series 3 3/4” Walmart Exclusives
(most boxes have minor scuffing, not entirely perfect)
Darth Vader (clear tab, lightsaber in hand) – damaged box$8
Darth Vader (black tab, lightsaber in plastic) – Hong Kong sticker$8
Luke Skywalker (clear tab) – damaged box$8
Luke Skywalker (black tab) – Hong Kong sticker$8
Han Solo (Endor)$8
Finn (Jakku)$8
SOLD First Order Stormtrooper – Hong Kong sticker$8
Kylo Ren – damaged box$10
Rey (Jakku)$10
Poe Dameron$8
SOLD Captain Phasma – Hong Kong sticker$15
Han Solo (Starkiller Base) – Hong Kong sticker$15
Princess Leia Organa (TFA) – Hong Kong sticker$15
Black Series 3 3/4” Blue
#01 R5-G19$8
#02 Luke Skywalker (Hoth)$8
#09 Captain Rex$12
#12 Clone Commander Wolffex3$12
#13 Clone Commander Doom$10
Black Series 3 3/4” Orange
#12 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooperx2$10
#16 Clone Commander Neyo$12
#21 Luke Skywalker (Dagobah)x2$6
#22 Yodax3$6
#23 Toryn Farrx1$8
#24 Snowtrooper Commander$10
TFA Build-a-Weapon
Kylo Ren (First edition)$8
Kylo Ren (Second edition)$8
Unreleased Legacy Collection
Sun Fac w/ FA-4 head (damaged bubble)$8
Hot Wheels SDCC FO Stormtrooper Carx2$20

Photo of Hong Kong stickers
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Sep 11, 2014
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Burbank, CA
I just added some new items including the new FO Stormtrooper model kit from Bandai, some new BS 6" Exclusives, and the new Walmart 3.75" TFA figures!
Aug 2, 2005
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Got my figures today, great seller! Very happy for the help, thank you.