FS: AMT Models, vehicles, miscellaneous

May 17, 2012
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Hey guys,

I'm selling off my small set of AMT model kits as well as a few other items.

If you wish to buy, PM me with interest! PayPal only please. Shipping is not included, please PM me first and I'll quote you a shipping price. I'm open to reasonable offers on some items as well.

Thanks for looking!

AMT Star Destroyer (good condition, unopened) - $35

AMT Gold B-Wing (unopened, box dented in) - $10

AMT Anakin's Podracer (opened, all pieces unused and in good shape. May need new paint.) - $10

Titanium Series Die Cast AT-AT (unopened, good shape) - $18

Action Fleet Republic Cruiser (perfect condition, new in box) - $12

Episode I Trade Federation Tank Desk Organizer (unopened, cellophane packing coming loose) - $8

Attacktix Battle Pack - $8

Micro Machines Yavin Base playset (opened, does not include figures) - $7

Jar Jar Binks Lunch Box (unused, nice shape, comes with thermos) - $5

Episode I Obi-Wan (Naboo) - $4

Episode I Senator Palpatine (slight card creasing) - $3

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