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Aug 11, 2007
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Washington DC area
Thanks for looking! Shipping costs will be obtained after you tell me what you want to buy. I'll box it up, take it to the post office and get an exact price for you. I'll get the fastest, most economical shipping rate I can! I accept and prefer Paypal. Unless indicated, everything here has been opened and displayed. I'm clearing out some parts of my collection and these are the oddball pieces I can live without! Don't hesitate to PM or reply here with questions, or e-mail me at tboone@reagan.com Enjoy!


Pepsi Special Edition streamer, pictures X-Wing, Vader's TIE & SE Ingot. And Pepsi logo, $10

Postcard Set - T-shirt design postcard set, SW Fan Club exclusive, 1997, $5

Celebration 4 coin, $2

Candy heads, Topps, 1980, $2 each
Chewbacca (2)
Darth Vader
Boba Fett
Sy Snootles
Admiral Ackbar

Star wars Special Edition Merlin UK Card set, 125 cards & wrapper, in plastic pages & generic binder, $15

Topps Sugar Free Gum Wrapper #38, used, $2

ROTS Best Buy Shepard Fairey lithograph, $5

Heir to the Empire #5, Hungarian Dark Horse Comic, $5

Bantha Tracks, #25, 26, $2 each

Star Wars Technical Journal #1, The Planet Tatooine, $2

Tin Sign, Star Wars style C one sheet art, $5

Mighty Muggs, opened but in good condition, $5 each, Plo Koon, Han Solo (Hoth)

Fighter Pods, $1 each
1-10 Darth Vader unmasked
1-16 Emperor
4-10 Lando holo

Titanium Ships
all are loose and in good condition, $2 each
Cad Bane's Xanadu Blood
Anakin's CW Jedi fighter
Obi-Wan's CW Jedi fighter

ADPAC General Mills decals, $5 each
Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia
Ben Kenobi ($3)

Clone Wars movie one sheet mass market version, Trends Etc, 2008, $2

hardcovers are $3 each and paperbacks are $2 each (except where indicated!)
“The Truce at Bakura,” hard cover, Kathy Tyers, 1993

“Jedi Search,” paperback, Kevin J. Anderson, 1994

“The Crystal Star,” hard cover, Vonda McIntyre, 1994

“Ambush at Corellia,” paperback, Robert Macbride Allen, 1995

“Children of the Jedi,” hard cover, Barbra Hambly, 1995

“Assault at Selonia,” paperback, Roger Macbride Allen, 1995

“Showdown at Centerpoint,” paperback, Roger Macbride Allen, 1995

“Darksaber,” hard cover, Kevin J. Anderson, 1995

“The New Rebellion,” hard cover, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, 1996

“Planet of Twilight,” hard cover Barbra Hambly, 1997

“Specter of the Past,” hard cover, Timothy Zahn, 1997

“I, Jedi,” hard cover, Michael A. Stackpole, 1998

“X-Wing Iron Fist,” paperback, Aaron Allston, 1998

Bounty Hunter Trilogy, K.W. Jeter, all 3 for $5,
“The Mandalorian Armor,” paperback, 1998, this one has a little chew mark on the back cover
"Slave Ship"
"Hard Merchandise"

“Vision of the Future,” hard cover, Timothy Zahn, 1998

Books, Del Rey
"Guide to the Star Wars Universe," Bill Slavicsek, 1996, 2nd edition, paperback

"Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book", Ben Burtt, paperback

“The Approaching Storm,” hard cover, Alan Dean Foster, 2002

“The Old Republic, Fatal Alliance,” paperback, Sean Williams, 2011

Other Publishers
“Star Wars Episode 1 Journal - Darth Maul,” paperback, Jude Watson, 2000

"Star Wars Episode 1 Journal - Anakin Skywalker," paperback, Todd Straser, 1999
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