FS: AFA and MOC figures SW, ESB, ROTJ

Apr 5, 2014
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Las Cruces, NM
For sale.....

Shipping/insurance to US included in asking price......international is $35. I will combine shipping. Please pay via Paypal using friend/gift option. Regular Paypal is fine if buyer adds 3% to cover fees. Please check my feedback here and on Ebay.....100% positive. Thanks for looking :)

ESB 48 back C White Bespin Guard AFA 75 C75 B85 F70. Asking price is $200.
Bubble has very slight yellow tint. It didn't get a Y grade, but since grading has developed a little bit of yellow I think.
Price stickers on top right corner.
Figure had frosting when I sent it to get graded, hence the 70 subgrade. When I got him back, I fixed the frost with a little sun. Figure looks great now.
Top of the bubble has a little funky spot....not lifting, but looks more like a defect from factory to me.

ESB 41 back E Ugnaught AFA 70 C70 B80 F85. Asking price is $200.

Unpunched card. Has some creasing in top right corner, soft lower left corner.
Figure and bubble look really nice.
Displays quite well.

ROTJ 77 back A Rancor Keeper AFA 80 C80 B85 F80. Asking price is $135.
Bubble is yellow, but not as bad as some. Punched with price sticker in lower right corner. Little edge wear upper right

ROTJ 65 back A Klaatu AFA 85 C80 B85 F90. Asking price is $160.
Bubble is slightly yellow, Price tag. Unpunched.
Has two spots of edge wear on right side.


ROTJ 77 back A Princess Leia Combat Pancho AFA 75 C75 B80 F90. Asking price is $125.
Bubble has yellow tint. Punch is loose at top, but still attached on bottom.
Price sticker residue on front (see pic) and crease on back where bubble attaches on front

Tri Logo AT-ST Driver AFA 70 C70 B80 F85. Asking price is $150.
Bubble clear, small dings on each corner of bubble top. Nice bubble for a Tri Logo.
Price sticker. Front has crease on upper left corner. Back has some creasing.
Card does display really well for a 70.

20 back A Sand People AFA 85 C80 B85 F85. SOLD
Really nice looking

20 back G Han Solo Large Head AFA 85 C85 B85 F85. SOLD
Great looking figure all around.... unpunched, really nice bubble

31 back A ESB FX-7 AFA 70 C80 B70 F80. SOLD
Unpunched, slightly yellow bubble. A little rub to the right of photo on front. Bubble has a slight ding on top. Tried to capture in photo.
Displays great.

For sale......ESB 21 Back Death Star Droid graded AFA 85.
Please see photos! SOLD!

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Jul 9, 2010
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Hi, that's a really nice piece. Very tidy, lovely bubble especially. I did think about a DSD focus, but went in another direction. Good luck with the sell. and welcome.