FS FS: Acme Archives Sketch Plates and Lots of Character Keys

Jan 9, 2003
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I am selling off my Acme Archives collection. I had bought these when the came out, I am the original owner. I had framed some of them with the intent of displaying them in my home office, but they were boxed up and put away for that day and then forgotten about, so now I don’t have a good place for them and would like them to land with another collector/fan.

I don’t have current feedback here but I did trade/buy/sell here for many years before and do have current eBay feedback if you would like to see that.

Paypal and I will accept credit cards through there, I want anyone buying to feel secure so no need for friends and family transfers.

I will quote shipping based on your location and I’d prefer to sell in the US first for shipping reasons, I’ll pay shipping if you purchase over $100 worth of these. I would greatly prefer to sell in groups if possible, so if you’re looking for a near complete collection of early Character Keys, this is your chance.

Acme Archives Sketch Plates
R2-D2 757/1000 $40
X-WING 523/1000 $40

Acme Archives Character Keys
Still in plastic sleeve
Darth Vader 482/100 $25
Obi-Wan Kenobi (ANH) 213/1000 $40
Luke Skywalker 153/750 $30
Princess Leia (ROTJ) (some warping) 556/1000 $20
Tie Pilot 733/1000 $15
Grand Moff Tarkin 716/1000 $15
Sandtrooper 585/1000 $15
Boba Fett 606/1000 $20
Han Solo 311/1000 $30
Boba Fett (Holiday Special) 559/750 $35
Roron Corobb 276/750 $15
Durge 123/1000 $20
C-3PO 206/1000 $20
R2D2 272/1000 $20
Count Dooku 0222/1000 $25
Shaak Ti 108/1250 $20
Asajj Ventress 762/1250 $20
Kit Fisto 0277/1250 $15
Anakin Skywalker 320/1000 $25
Arc Captain 513/750 (some warping) $25

Removed from plastic sleeve to be framed (but never displayed)
Arc Captain 511/750 (some warping) $15
Yoda 736/1000 $30
Mace Windu 75/1000 $20
General Grievous 959/1000 $20
Anakin Skywalker 321/1000 $20
Snowbunny Padme 121/750 (some warping) $15
Hologram Darth Sidious 282/500 $75
Obi-Wan Kenobi Clone Wars 414/750 $25

Please let me know or if you want pictures of anything or have questions.

Thanks all!
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