FS: A few Store Displays

May 7, 2001
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Hi guys,

I've got a couple store displays for sale. First up is a Pepsi Hoth-themed display from around the time of the Special Edition release. This was originally a motorized display- the walker's leg moved as though it was walking, the head tilted up and down, and the snowspeeder went back and forth. Unfortunately it has seen better days, and the walker's leg is now missing. The snowspeeder is damaged (laser bolt snapped), and it is in somewhat rough shape in general. If you have some time, maybe you could restore it. The legs are long gone.

However, the backside is the same image but static (no movement) and is in rather nice shape. Check out the pics.

Any reasonable offer accepted, but you have to pick it up from my home in Laurel, MD. Too big to mess with shipping.

Next I have a few Special Edition video release items...a header card, a triangle thing that would hang from the ceiling and rotate, and one other small card. None of these were ever used, but they aren't in mint shape...but not terrible either. See pics. $50.

If interested in anything please e-mail me at alinger@erols.com