FS: 9 foot Darth Vader standee with voice box from Fox Video circa: year 2000

Oct 16, 2015
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Original and rare Promotional Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition 9 foot tall Darth Vader standee from the year 2000. Still in its original shipping box from Fox Video and has never been completely removed from box or displayed.

Included is a movement activated voice box that plays Star Wars-themed music and Darth Vader says: "Come with me, it is your destiny". There are a few references of the standee fully assembled on the internet, please keep in mind this specimen in New in Box.

Basic condition of the box has slight bruising, nothing major and has been re-enforced with tape on edges. Please email to contact me for additional information.


Package shipping information: 55 x 28 x 12 - (27 lbs) shipping from zip code: 75604

$100 + shipping UPS or FedEx, insurance & tracking included.

Also FS locally.

Star Wars Trilogy Darth Vader standee w/ voice box
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