FS: 3.75", 6", 12", Misc. - TVC, Army Builders, Loose, Sealed

Mar 10, 2011
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Hello everyone, while I love Star Wars I don't need this much stuff. Looking to downsize what I got, feel free to ask if I have anything in particular. I got a lot that isn't not pictured, some stuff I don't know when I'll get to it. Worst I can say is no!

Few quick things:
1. PayPal is preferred, but if necessary I will work out other options.
2. Prices are SHIPPED within the US only. I will ship international but you will have to pay the overage and I'll only ship with insurance. I am quite busy and often can't access the internet for up to 14 hours a day. Please be patient.
3. I'm only posting these on Rebelscum for now, so who ever asks first in the inbox gets it. I won't check the thread regularly so please PM!
4. I tried to price fairly and under eBay prices, I will take offers especially on multiple items. For multiple quantities prices are for one figure. That being said I want to put this out there, I am not strapped for cash, needing room, or desperate to get these gone. I want to sell them but I won't give things away for little to nothing. Sorry.
5. Unless noted everything is complete and in good condition. No knockoffs, all real product! Non-smoking home.
6. PM me with ANY questions!

Hovertank Driver- 17
X3 Shoretrooper- 29
X2 Deathtrooper- 11 (I did not buy these at Five Below, paid full retail at release)
X2 Deathtrooper Specialist- 22
X6 Stormtrooper- 22
Han Stormie- 21
Luke Stormie- 27

#04 Chewie- 17
Riot Trooper- 13
Snowtrooper Commander- 13
ST Luke- 12
Starkiller Rey- FREE (Have to buying something, just ask for her)
Semi-decent Carbonite cast- 10
ANH Han- 24
40th Leia- 15 (nice face)
ANH Luke- 13
SDCC Thrawn- 27

75 for all or make offers. Also got the 18" Poe if interested, about to give it to my nephews. The helmets include a MM Poe's X-Wing. Elite Poe was opened. Fodder bag includes Starkiller Kylo with hood cut off and missing left hand, Eadu Jyn missing everything but pistol, Jango missing right hand, head, and all accessories. Has some checkered cuts in his armor, came that way. Great for customs. Also included is a white Poe helmet and some Jedha Jyn scarf pieces. I have some more fodder parts accessories like a Resistance Trooper rifle, ask me if interested.

Premium Elite Krennic- 15
Premium Elite Deathtrooper- 18
12" Biggs- 17
12" Luke- 15
12" Wedge- 17

McQuarrie Rebel Trooper- 13
40th R2- 36
Prototype Fett- 50
J'quille- ON HOLD
Rocket firing Fett- 99

I'll work on individual prices when I can but I'll put 945 shipped on the lot.
STAR WARS card Vader SOLD.

I have a huge box of 3.75" loose figures I'll be working on, they all need accessory matched and proceed which is a very daunting task. I mostly got OT stuff but have some clones, misc PT, few TCW, some EU figures and a few Disney era things. If you're seriously interested in complete and incomplete figures PM me and I'll take a few pictures. For how busy I am it's easier for me to see if figures people ask for are complete instead of all few hundred of them.
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Jul 8, 2014
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Nashville, TN
Whenever you get around to working on the CW stuff, I'm probably interested. I mostly collect this line loose, and at this point, I'm looking for the harder-to-find figures (Blitz, Havoc, Palpatine, etc.) as well as various vehicles (mostly the smaller ones loose). If you'd like a list of what I'm still seeking, feel free to email me, as my PM box is always full. Thanks so much!
Mar 10, 2011
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Still got most of all of this, gonna start putting stuff on eBay soon. Offers are more than welcome.