FS: 3 3/4 figs TAC, LC, TVC, TBS!!!!

Aug 6, 2009
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Long Island, NY
I am looking to sell some of my 3 3/4 inch collection. Most of the figures are loose and all are in good condition and come with all their accessories. I only accept PayPal. Prices do not include shipping. Here is the list of what I have to sell:


Galactic Marines x2 $7 each 1 SOLD
Stormtroopers x9 $7 each SOLD
Anakin Skywalker $6
Clone Trooper Lieutenant $6
Kashyyyk Trooper $6


Han Solo Stormtrooper Disguise $7 SOLD
Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper Disguise x2 $7 each SOLD
Joker Squad (all figs minus the female trooper and Sith Master) $6 each SOLD
Clegg Holdfast $6
Shocktroopers x5 $6 each
Jeremoch Colton $6 SOLD
Commander Bacara $7 SOLD
Clone Pilot (Imperial Pilot Evolutions) $7 SOLD
V Wing Pilot (Imperial Pilot Evolutions) $7 SOLD
Shaak Ti $20 SOLD
Commander Gree $6
Commander Cody $7 SOLD
Snowtroopers x4 $7 each 2 SOLD
Clonetrooper 312 corps $7 SOLD
501st Clone Trooper $6
Coruscant Landing Platform Clone Trooper $6
Space Troopers x3 $7 each SOLD
Rebel Transport Speeder w/ Ground Crew, Garvein Dreis, and Red Astromech $30 SOLD
Genosian Warrior $6
ARC Trooper Red x2 $7 each SOLD
ARC Trooper Yellow $7 SOLD
Battle Droid Red $6
Shadow Troopers x2 $7 each SOLD
Darth Vader w/ Incinerator Troopers (In box never opened) $18
Bane Malar $6 SOLD


Pre Vizsla $10 SOLD


Luke Jedi Knight $8 SOLD
Magna Guard $20 SOLD
Ben Quadanaros $6
Ric Olie $7 SOLD
Naboo Pilot $7 SOLD
Clone Troopers Phase 1 x4 $8 each SOLD


Clone Commander Doom $8 SOLD
Captain Rex $8 SOLD
Commander Thorn $8 SOLD
Merumeru $7
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