FS 2012 SDCC Carbon Freezing Chamber

Jul 23, 2013
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Looking to sell a 2012 SDCC Carbon Freezing Chamber set. Set is complete with Jar Jar Binks in Carbonite.

$110 plus exact shipping to your location.... no shipping/handling fees,etc... just want to get out what I put into it...

I would also consider a trade for Star Wars Disney Cars... All 6 packs are needed... 6 Cars (in good to really good card condition) + $45 + shipping for the Carbon Chamber set.

Below is a link to several photos of the set and Jar Jar... the set has only been opened to look at Jar Jar and take photos. The 6 figures around the chamber have not been removed.

2 things to note: Above Jar Jar E1 side, there is a flap that seals with velcro. There is a minor creasing on the corner of that piece. I took a close up photo. And at the very bottom of the Jar Jar Carbonite piece there is a small imperfection at the bottom of the card. Looks really big in the photo, but is a minor little ding. Probably happened when jar jar was put inside. I noticed it when inspecting the set after I received it. With Jar Jar standing up for display it is really hard to see and doesn't take away from the look of the figure... There is a closer photo of that as well.

If you need more views, let me know!