FS: 1984 Atari Return of the Jedi arcade cabinet

Sep 1, 2019
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I'm a noob so please be patient with me. I have for sale a 1984 Atari Return of the Jedi arcade cabinet that was fully restored by TNT Amusements (out of Pennsylvania) back in 2015. Something happened to the board and I haven't been able to find a good replacement board as of yet. The thing popped fuses every once and a while so I assume it drew too much current and somehow zapped something in the board. It's fully there though, all her parts are intact. Nothing has been parted out or done to it at all since it last went down. She looks great though. I'm asking $1,500 firm and still potentially looking to fix the board with a local electrical engineer that does my fixing. If I get the board up and running I'm asking $2,500 firm but right now as it stands I'm asking 1.5k. Please feel free to contact me with questions. The game is located in Roanoke, Virginia. I'd be willing to look into shipping it but picking it up would be my preference. However I could look into shipping it but there would be an additional charge for packing it and shipping it. Would make a great addition to someone's collection. TNT Amusements included it in a video before shipping it out to me. When I initially contacted them (TNT) to find one and restore it for me they sent me this picture of it before refurbishing it (in the Dropbox link photos). So you can see how she has been fixed. https://youtu.be/eHtjMRdiZS4
I believe mine to be the second one in the video that he says he also needs to get out to the customer but this is the link Todd at tnt sent me for the YouTube videos he always does.

Here is a Dropbox link to my photos.


Because it's so rare (nothing on eBay and the klov listings don't have much either) I am extremely firm at 1.5k and as I mentioned above if I get it working again the price escalates to 2.5k but I'd rather not bother and keep the price 1.5k preferably. I've been a Star Wars fan since birth so ultimately I'm not in much of a rush to let her go. I know what everyone is going to come at me with as it's not a vector game but good luck sourcing vector monitor parts these days is what I say. Plus empire strikes back was just a conversion kit. So the crt monitor is still somewhat easier to source parts for. I'm not a business so I'm looking for some form of cash instead of a credit card payment. I would be able to take a PayPal transfer on it though if someone desires. Please let me know any questions about my baby. I paid for her on layaway slowly so it pains me to let her go but I'm transitioning away from a family entertainment center job that had me working on them some to become an electrician and would prefer cashing out the money more than I need the game since I have a small home and essentially no room to keep storing it.
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