FRENCH TOUCH 2016 - The Definitive Guide to French vintage SW collectibles 1977-87

May 23, 2004
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Dear Collecting pals,

I am very pleased to announce the availability of my new book: 'La French Touch 2016: The Definitive Guide to French vintage Star Wars collectibles 1977-1987' (unofficial book) :weeabooface:

It comes after 'Meccano to Trilogo' in 2006 (news + forum thread) and 'La French Touch' in 2013 (news + forum thread).

The book reviews the history and individual product photography of the entire range of French merchandise released from 1977 to 1987 – some heretofore unreferenced or thought to exist only in myth, including as well the French MECCANO and European TRILOGO toys lines.

It also re-examines the response the original Star Wars movies received in France, through a wide selection of press and documentary references.

This edition is the MOST comprehensive and yet-complete book about vintage Star Wars collectibles from France, the outcome of years of research and collecting. It comes with a stunning new cover giving a glimpse of the products categories inside, and 30 additionnal pages (compared to the original 2013 edition) with amazing material.

Readers will enjoy the development of the merchandising and marketing associated with this world-famous license throughout 270 color pages and 1500+ stunning photographies.

It is available for order only through Amazon's CREATESPACE (prefered) at or main AMAZON website (link here).


Here's the cover and some preview pages:










Hi Jediknight49 :)

If you already have La French Touch original 2013 edition, you can notice some changes from the sample pages shown here.

The new edition has in overall 30 additional pages. They are composed of new items and reviews which have been added in the various chapters, totaling the 30 additional pages at the end. I also took that opportunity to enhance some page layouts (eg. the puzzle & board games page shown here) and use larger pictures for some very rare / iconic items (eg. the motta stickers and collectible poster shown here).

Some of the new items are just great to see like additional magazines, games, viewers, model kits, Ewoks 1st age.... but some are really amazing and iconic like french vintage toy shop windows pictures, rare ROTJ Meccano cards, Trilogo 3 pack, rare catalogs and retailer poster, just to name a few...

Hi Folks ;)

Lucky those who already have the FRENCH TOUCH 2016 Definitive Edition, and those who will find it under the Christmas tree B)

For the others, it's still time to order your copy to get it on time before 2016 :p

I just ordered, I been meaning to get this and kept getting sidetracked. I am not interested in collecting these however I enjoy learning about the various product lines around the world that carried Star Wars, in this case the book helps us understand what was available in France and to me, this is something great to read about and learn. This will help quench my thirst and advance my knowledge so that I can help others in the future.

I also like being able to help out with my purchase and support the efforts of a collector from our community.

Finally, having books like this helps me in a collecting goal I have, which is having a nice star wars library, in hand. Yes, there are many things on the Net, available a click away, but its still nice to have hard copies and just pull the book off the shelf and look something up real quick without reaching for the phone or laptop.

happy sales Stephane!:D
I hope everyone will forgive me, but this came in Sunday, and I tore into it. I am not a collector of French Star Wars but man, you get a great feel and sense for what was and is out there and thats a plus for me in terms of learning.

IF you do not have this book, get it, you will NOT regret it, you will LOVE looking at the countless illustrations and detailed explanations.

Great job again Stephane, you can count on me supporting your future work and efforts in the hobby!!!
Hi folks :weeabooface:

If you need ideas on how to spend your new year's tips, don't forget to order the French Touch book :whistling:

Hi folks :weeabooface:

If you need ideas on how to spend your new year's tips, don't forget to order the French Touch book :whistling:


This is a great book. I am still reading it but the vast knowledge shared in this book is just incredible. I, again highly suggest anyone who has an interest in SW vintage toys to get this book, it definitely helps one understand the reach of SW vintage toys into other markets at the time of its original release.

Stephane, I have a question for you, seeing that France was a big market for SW toys there at the time, is there any evidence to suggest that these Meccano toys made it into nearby European countries? Also, would Meccano have exported these toys to French speaking countries, such as in Africa? While I realize those would probably been very tiny markets for them, one has to wonder if at least ex-pats moving around or in big cities there was some sort of toy shop selling to ex-pats etc...
Thanks for the feedback :weeabooface:

Good questions raised, and the reply is yes - some Meccano toys were available in other countries. It is known that the square carded 20-back Jawa and Ben Kenobi, as well as their 12" dolls, were also retailed in U.K. It seems that the distribution of Meccano toys in UK was limited to those characters... As I explain in the book, there was some strong connections between Palitoy and Meccano, and at the beginning of the line Meccano even assembled carded figures and vehicles for Palitoy, before their own production.

Some Meccano toys also found their ways in other countries in areas close to the borders (eg. a carded 20-back jawa surfaced some time ago from a Northern European country), but it looks restricted to a handful of square cards released in 1979 since by the time of ESB and ROTJ, other countries had their own licensee to meet the demand.

Meccano toys were sold in small quantities in French oversea departments and territories (eg. New Caledonia....), so it is also possible that the toys were exported to French speaking countries like Africa, Morocco etc... although I'm not fully sure because on those countries because 1. I have no evidence, and 2. the income revenue was very weak so I'm not sure they could afford them.

If I remember well, Meccano was also producing in France and distributing in a few countries licensed Dinky Toys scale models? I guess then they were also distributing the SW products in the same countries. Though I'm not sure if by the end of the 70s they were still working with Dinky Toys.
Yes Meccano was also the distributor for Dinky Toys diecast models in France. I don't know if they were responsible for distributing those in countries around, I would more likely think they had partnerships.

But regarding SW stuff, I'd say negative. Meccano was the licensee for France, and there were licensees for almost every other countries around, so Meccano couldn't export stuff in those countries.

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just ordered , very excited to get it

I recently finished this book. It is a GREAT book and will give you a great idea of what French SW vintage toys are out there. However, this book goes beyond just the French SW toys, it goes into detail about the marketing of the french SW toys at the time, how the press talked about it back in the day and so much more. It really is worth a book owning and reading, I have really learned a lot about the French SW toys market after reading this book.

Congrats on ordering a copy.