FS Framed Boba Fett reference copies from Brian Johnson's production "bible", rock solid provenance

Oct 15, 2012
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Iowa USA
For sale is a professionally framed collection of items that came from Brian Johnson's production "bible" for The Empire Strikes Back, featuring two different copies of the proposed Boba Fett costume as well as a signed letter on official Star Wars letterhead that goes with them. Also on the back of the frame is the very solid provenance for the items. Here are the details:
  • The frame and matting was selected and purchased by me and professionally assembled at a local gallery. It is a weathered/distressed green-metallic frame with steel blue and red double mats (to complement Fett's armor and costume), and finished with UV protected Museum Glass. On the back is a heavy duty wire for hanging as well as the pouch containing the certificates and letter of provenance.
  • The three certificates are watermarked on certified heavy card stock from The Prop Gallery and detail each of the items. The letter is from Bill McBride, whom I purchased the items from, and further details the items.
  • The two Boba Fett copies are directly from Joe Johnston's concept sketches (0299 and 0300) and these were distributed directly to Brian Johnson (special effects supervisor and winner of an Academy Award for work on ESB) where they were kept as part of his production reference "bible" during filming.
  • The hand written letter on Star Wars letterhead, dated 8/8/78 is from Patricia Blau (production secretary for the film) and written to Brian Johnson. It also mentions "Miki" in the letter, which is likely Miki Herman (who was the Production Coordinator on ESB).
With the success of The Mandalorian and now with Boba Fett getting his own series on Disney+, one of the most mysterious characters that has always been a fan favorite is finally getting some long overdue limelight.

The asking price on this piece is $15,000 obo shipped. The rarity and historical significance speaks for itself. I will obviously answer all questions anyone has in greater detail. In terms of transacting the piece, I am willing to travel up to 4 hours from Iowa to meet in person at a secure site or if you want to pick up in person at my location that is fine as well.
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