Found Unleashed Jedi Luke & Darth Sidious

May 7, 2004
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Re: Found Unleashed Jedi Luke & Darth Sidious

Saw them at TRU at Brookfield Square today, just jedi luke and darth sidious. Talked to the guy I know there and he said that was all that was in the boxes, no obi-wan or leia. Maybe(and this is just a guess)they will come out in a seperate case, three of each like luke and sidious. That will remain to be seen. The Insider mag did indicate that those four were being repackaged and redistributed. I went to the music store in BFS(the name escapes me)and to suncoast and both of them had gotten the Hoth luke, Chewbacca and red clone trooper but of course the clones(two per case) were gone already. At $20 a piece the others will be there for a while. I am really excited about the next wave with Bossk, Ayyla Secura and Tusken Raider. The pictures look really nice. The Target in Menomonee Falls had new fig, snowtrooper, Tanus, Holo luke, Anakin secret ceremony, tie pilot, Rappertunnie, Antilles, Dodonna and some others so if you are looking for any of these hit those Target cause there are out there. Well, Good hunting everyone.