FOTW #30 Luke Skywalker Bespin


Jul 30, 2000
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Obligatory New Zealand item :) This is a New Zealand 48 back card. I first learned about this through John Kellerman's wonderful book and was very pleased to be able to eventually add one to my collection of cardbacks. For those that haven't seen this before, the back of the card removes the usual barcode and POP and instead features a New Zealand Toltoys piece of text and a blank "price circle". I don't know how functional it really was to put a price on the back of the packaging and to date of the examples I have seen I don't think it was ever used by the stores for that purpose.

Like most New Zealand items there's also some other subtle differences between this and a standard Kenner produced item.

Luke Bespin NZ 48back front.jpgLuke Bespin NZ 48back back.jpg
Apr 10, 2013
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Paris, France
Ok one more... Meccano 45 back (way harder to find than 65 back which is already a super tough one...). The figure is the Unitoy orange hair produced for the European market! The cardback is an absolute beater with massive creasing and multiple touch ups, but you can't be too picky with this kind of stuff ;)

Meccano hybrid 45 back Luke Bespin MOC (1).JPG