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Mar 21, 2008
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Geonosis, Arkanis Sector
I can only accept U.S. Postal money orders at this time. No PayPal.


*I'm a stickler for good paint aps and eyes, the figures I have look great*

For Sale: (for single loose figures I have a rule of atleast 2 per order - to make it worth my time)

-GI JOE 25th City Strike Money Bags Destro loose complete $35
-GI JOE 25th City Strike Iron Grenadier loose complete $10

-GI JOE 25th Comic 2pk Firefly loose complete $10

-GI JOE 25th Flash loose complete $8
-GI JOE 25th Blowtorch loose complete $10
-GI JOE 25th Spirit Iron Knife POC jungle green/Predator version TUR Excl. loose complete $10
-GI JOE 25th Duke w/green bandana POC jungle camo loose complete $8
-GI JOE 25th Resolute Snake Eyes (the 1st version/V1 w/gray visor) loose complete $10

-GI JOE 25th Zartan V1 color change loose complete $10
-GI JOE 25th POC Dusty & Desert Camo Rockslide loose complete $25
-GI JOE 25th Polar Battle Bear loose complete unapplied stickers $12
-GI JOE 25th Zartan V1 color change silver foil card MOC $15
-GI JOE 25th V1 Sorm Shadow silver foil card MOC $15
-Transformers Universe/Classics G1 remake Dirge loose complete $12
-Transformers Universe/Classics G1 remake Starscream (white version) loose complete $12
-Transformers Universe/Classics G1 remake Thrust loose complete $12
-Transformers Universe/Classics G1 remake Acid Storm loose complete $12
-Transformers Universe/Classics G1 remake Wreck Gar loose complete $14
-Transformers Universe/Classics G1 remake Junkheap loose complete $14
-Transformers Universe/Classics G1 remake Tracks loose complete $10
-Transformers Animated Lockdown loose complete $12
-Transformers Commemorative Reissue Skywarp loose in original box $18 (missing only the short bombs with the odd/longer than normal shafts comes with the normal long black pair, perfectly applied stickers, brand new condition)
-Star Wars Mail Away Prototype Armor Boba Fett MOC $40
-Star Wars Yoda & Kybuck '07 w/coin MOC C9+ flawless condition shipped in Star case $30
-Star Wars Pre-Cyborg General Grievous '07 w/coin MOC C9+ flawless condition shipped in Star case $30
-Star Wars Animated Boba Fett '07 w/coin MOC C9+ flawless condition shipped in Star case $30
-Star Wars Vintage Bom Vimdin (Cantina Patron) loose: The Vintage Collection Photo Archive $8

-Star Wars Rebel Commando MOC $10
-Star Wars Naboo Royal Guard figure MOC $10
-Star Wars Daultay Dofine MOC $10

-Star wars Clone Trooper Scythe (loose and missing his helmet and blaster) $5
-Star Wars Cad Bane only missing hat & Todo 360 droid, has both blasters & sachel bag $5
-Marvel Universe Thanos loose complete $12
-Marvel Avengers Loki MOC $12
-Marvel Comic 2pk Wolverine & Sabertooth loose complete (comic
included) $15
-HE-MAN MOTC Classics TRU Exclusive Stratos loose complete $18

-Cops n' Crooks Buttons McBoomBoom loose complete $10

Build-a-Droid Parts are $2 each, Tusken Raider is $4, and Clone w/no helmet is $4:

MOSC 85' Crimson Guard from the Netherlands/Holland $600 (Star case included)

MOSC Takara Japan '83 Destro $100 (Star case included)
*I can't find the other photos of this one, so I'll take a photo without the Star case soon*

MISB Sectaurs Skulk & Trancula $75

MOSC '85 Airtight from the UK/England $55 (Star case included)

My Wants: (Loose and/or MOC)

Star Wars:
-Ewoks - Any I can get!!!; Oochee, Widdle Warrick, Chief Chirpa, Lumat, Logray, Romba & Graak, Comic 3pk, etc.
-Thi-Sen x8
-Target Exclusive Jabba w/Oola
-Nikto Gunner
-Jawa & LIN Droid w/coin
-Target Excl. 2pk ARF Trooper Waxer (Geonosis camo - came w/red n' yellow Battle Droid)
-Sandstorm Lightsaber Construction Luke (Vintage Card)
-Sandstorm Leia (Vintage Card)
-Sandstorm Lando (Vintage Card)
-Realistic Ahsoka Tano (Vintage Card)
-CW Darth Sidious
-Mandalore from the Fett 3pk:

-Target Exclusive
Target Exclusive Hostage Crisis Bounty Hunter DVD 4 fig pack (includes Nikto Pirate figure Kisho Meteora)
-Kisho Meteora (from the Bounty Hunter Target Excl. DVD pack)
-Young Boba Fett (single carded version or the one that came with the TRU Excl. Slave 1)
-Utai x2
-CW Bossk (came with the TRU Excl. Slave 1)
-CW Barriss Offee
-CW Aayla Secura
-Barriss Offee (Vintage Card)
-CW Geonosis Desert Camo ARF Troopers and/or ARF Trooper Waxer x10 or more
-CW Commander Jet (Geonosis Clone Commander)
-VOTC Han Solo
-Target Excl. '07 Sarlaac Pit & Skiff Playset
-Walmart Exclusive A-Wing
-TAC TC-14 Protocol Droid (the "silver C3-PO")
-Target Exclusive Geonosis C3-PO (gray color w/removabel red droid head) & R2-D2 2pk
Aayla Secura's Starfighter

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Originals MOC - Not Remakes/Reissues):

GI JOE (loose or MOC):
-Major Bludd (from the DVD pack)
-Chrome Visor Vipers (from the 5pk) x4 or more
-25th Tomax & Xamot comic 2pk
-25th Buzzer & Ripper comic 2pk
-25th Beach Head & Main Frame comic 2pk
-25th Ship Wreck & Copperhead comic 2pk
-25th V1 Spirit
-25th Barbeque
-25th Gung Ho
-25th Lifeline
-25th Flint
-25th General Hawk
-25th Mainframe (from the comic 2pk w/Beachhead)
-25th's Dreadnok 7pk (I mostly want Zanya, Zandar, Thrasher, & Road Pig - in that order)
-25th SDCC Exclusive Zarana (pink/classic version)
-25th Cobra Island 7pk (I mostly want Alley Viper, Dr. Mindbender, & Lamprey)
-25th Stinger 4wd Jeep
-25th Arctic Hiss Tank
-25th RAM Cycle vs. Flight Pod (or just the flight Pod w/unapplied stickers)
-Vintage Dreadnok Swampfire (must be in great or atleast very very good condition)

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Oct 13, 2013
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I am interested in items you have but not sure if you are still on this forum or not as it shows Banned under your username. Hopefully you are, let me know. Thanks!