FOR SALE: Sterling Conversion Blaster (90% done)


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Nov 23, 2002
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I started on this project last year and never finished, now have lost interest.

I purchased the parts for an ATF-legal British Sterling (i.e. w/out receiver) for $200 and had a gunsmith assemble it for me using a "dummy receiver", also ATF-legal (another $200). The bolt slams forward, the trigger pulls, the magazine is removable (it'll have to be cut down for accuracy). I even had him leave the "3-position" feature in it, whereby you can extend the stock like the old kenner toy from '78. You never see this in the movie, but it's an invisible feature a lot of people skip.

Anyway, you can find sellers on line for the wiper-blade parts for the barrel, the M-43 tank scope and the Helsinger (sp?) counter. That's all that's missing.

First $400 takes it, plus shipping (solid!). E-mail me for pictures. It'll make somebody a nice blaster someday.

e-mail: PAL4C"at"virginia"dot"edu

Still available... (12-7-04, Christmas anybody?)