For Sale Star Wars 12" collection

Dec 4, 2003
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I have 56 12" figures, un-opened in box. This includes the exclusives offered by the major retailers. I am asking $1000.00 for the entire lot, plus shipping. Any quetsions please e-mail me ,or give me a call at 337-923-4981 ext 248. Thanks, Luke

Description Released
Collector Series
Admiral Ackbar July 97
AT-AT Driver Sept 97
Boba Fett July 97
C-3PO Oct 97
Chewbacca Nov 97
Grand Moff Tarkin and Imperial Gunner Oct 97
Greedo Sept 97
Han Solo Sept 96
Han Solo and Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper Aug 97
Han Solo and Tauntaun Oct 97
Jedi Luke and Bib Fortuna Jan 98
Lando Calrissian Feb 97
Luke Skywalker Sept 96
Luke Skywalker and Wampa Oct 97
Luke Skywalker Bespin Mar 97
Luke Skywalker X-wing July 97
Princess Leia July 97
Sandtrooper orange patch Sept 97
Stormtrooper July 97
Tie Pilot Oct 97
Tusken Raider Mar 97

Action Collection

4-LOM Nov 00
Dew Back and Sandtrooper Aug 00
Electronic Boba Fett Dec 98
Emperor Palpatine and Royal Guard Oct 98
Han Solo with Magnetic detonators Dec 99
Han Solo as Prisoner and Carbonite Nov 98
Han Solo in Hoth Gear Apr 98
Jawa with light up eyes Jan 98
Luke, Leia, Han 3-pack Nov 98
Luke Skywalker Ceremonial Jan 98
Luke Skywalker Hoth Jan 98
Luke Skywalker Dianoga Tentacle Mar 99
Ponda Baba with removable arm Mar 99
Leia in Hoth Gear Oct 98
Leia and R2 as Jabba’s Prisoners Mar 99
R2 with Detachable utility arms Oct 98
R5-D4 Oct 98
Snowtrooper Apr 98
Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper June 2000
Wedge Antilles and Biggs Darklighter Aug 98
Wicket the Ewok Oct 98
Yoda Jan 98
Battle droid Sep 99
Battle droid commander Jun 00
Darth Maul May 99
Darth Maul w/speeder Aug 00
Qui-Gon Ginn pancho Jun 00
Sebulba Aug 00
Watto Sep 99
Clone Commander Jun 02
Clone Trooper Jun 02

12” Portrait Edition

Amidala Black Gown May 99
Amidala Red Gown May 99
Amidala return to Naboo Dec 99

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