For sale: Sith set 1-50 + Lava Vader, others

Nov 13, 2004
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Hey, all
I have to get rid of some stuff here at home. So, if anybody wants the Sith figures 1-50 with a Lava Vader, a Target Clone, a Holo Yoda, both Royal guards, a Blue Saber Palpatine, and both Wookie Warriors, they can be yours for $270. That's 56 figures. It breaks down to $4.82 each. These are all still carded. 2 or 3 cards are not perfect, but the major ones are. I am coming from Oregon, Illinois and an willing to drive about a half hour west. I'm not crazy about shipping this many figures, but if this interests you, PM me and maybe we can come up with a shipping price.

I also have a set of 2004 OTC figures. 1-38 plus the holo Emperor. All 39 figures for $175. $4.48 per figure.

If you are missing minor Episode I figures, I'll go $2.50 each.

I also have 2002 Saga, 2003 Saga, minus the clone wars figures and Shadows of the Empire figures.

If you buy the Sith set and the OTC set, I'll throw in a Sacul figure MOMC for FREE!

PM me!