SOLD Fisher/Hamill/Ford OPX 16x20 photo, signed by Fisher/Hamill (not Ford)

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Mar 9, 2011
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Honolulu, Hawaii


Up for sale is a 16x20 OPX photo that I got signed in person back at Celebration VI in Orlando, signed by Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill.
Couple of reasons this is up for sale, I was going to ask Mark to sign in blue ink since I prefer my autos in blue, but he was so quick to sign my photos I didnt even get a chance to make the request until he was already done signing half of my items. My OCD is keeping me from holding on to this piece. I also have given up on the chance that I would ever be able to get Ford to sign this, and also because even if the opportunity came up it would probably be too expensive. There is some very minor creasing that usually happens when handling these kinds of pieces throughout a convention.
This piece was stored flat in a ITOYA art portfolio ever since I returned from the con, and has never been moved or taken out for display since.

I am asking for $350 which includes shipping, but please add 4% if not paying Paypal F&F. I have feedback on this forum (link in signature) and on eBay under (ukepicker808). I will ship flat or rolled depending on the buyer's preference.

Please see below for pictures and PM with any questions or if interested.

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