FS First Order Stormtrooper Bust PARTS (Arms, Heads)

Apr 27, 2020
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Clemmons, NC 27012
I had several issues with the First Order busts I ordered from GG and they kept having me break the busts but I was able to keep the arms/heads intact since I was having issues with those as well and could pick from the best to complete the busts I was keeping.

All of that has been resolved but now I have several boxes worth of parts (the bodies were broken, but I have those as well) that are going to get trashed unless someone wants them. There were issues with paint finish or other things on most of these, so this is just in case someone would want to use these for customization. Again this is just for arms/heads, not the actual body/bust which is definitely broken/chipped.

I have 3x Deluxe, 1x Officer and 2x Regular. I can send in original boxes but that could get pricey because of the size of these boxes. That would be up to you.

Looking to get $25 to cover the work of putting everything together plus whatever shipping is.

Figure I'll leave this up a couple of weeks and then it's getting trashed if no one wants it.