Figs for sale

May 9, 2002
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Well I am getting out of the hasbro line and want to get rid of some loose figures. I would prefer Paypal but we can work out arrangements. Figures are 3.00 but I am open to deals.

Shipping prices will be determined based on where you are and what you buy. Not interested in making any money on shipping so please don't worry about that. Thanks!!
Loose Figs
501st ROTS Clones x2
Firespeeder Pilot x2
AT-AT Driver x2
AOTC Red Clone
Saga Sandtrooper x2
Count Dooku ROTS
VOTC Greedo
VOTC Tusken Raider
Padme Pilot Gear Ep2
Red Clone Commander

I also have Episode 1 figures carded. I DO NOT have Sio, R2B1, Swimming Jar Jar or Accension Gun Padme.