Fighter Pods Thread

Dec 27, 2014
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A local Walmart had some of the Micro Force Wow things on clearance half price so I picked up one. I don't think there's a way to tell what color saber you're getting before you open it. The plastic wrap over the colored end is opaque, and there is a sticker at the top where the hanger goes in. It might be possible to get a glimpse of the color at the perforations of the tear strip, but it I didn't look that closely, and it was not obvious upon casual inspection.

I got holograms of BB8 and the magnaguard, Kragan Corr (or, Davey Jones in a helmet), and Kylo Ren in a red saber. If they still have some left next time I get over that way, I may see if I can suss out a blue saber and try my luck.