Feedback for Yodashizzle

Aug 10, 2020
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Today, I received a package from Yodashizzle! I purchased a Taun We and a Tusken Raider, and not only did the figures come in great condition, but they arrived very quickly. No paint flecks, no warping or yellowing of any kind, they're both great. The walking, talking Cotton Swab of Imperturbability has a little trouble standing, but I blame that on her wimpy little legs. (Side note: I absolutely love the bandaged sculpt under Mr. Sandman's tunic)

My grasp on how the hell forums work is pretty loose, so I was very glad that he was laid back and straightforward about the whole thing. I was very happy with the whole transaction. I hope to buy from him again someday in the near future

Thank you again! Please consider trading/buying from his trade list here:

I'll be using these figures for customs, btw. Both cantina patrons: Brangus Glee (Taun We) and Ket Maliss (Tusken Raider). Actually, I wanted to use Sandy Cheeks for Dratun from the Holiday Special, but after taking a better look, I think Ket Maliss (also from the Holiday Special) would work a little better.

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