QUESTION Fair price for Obi Mythos Statue & GG farmboy Luke w/skyhopper

May 16, 2007
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South Carolina
Well it sucks that I have to part with these, but I've been unemployed for the last year. Have had several, several interviews but no callbacks. :cry: So I need to part ways with a few things from my collection to make ends meet. I'd like to avoid evilbay if possible.

I looked on evilbay and saw an auction recently ended for the mythos Obi for almost $3200...holy crap. What would be a fair price? (Funny thing, I had this for sale a couple of years ago for $1500 and had no takers. Mine is number 1590

I found one current auction for Skyhopper Luke listed at $950! Is that what these are going for now? Mine is number 363/500.

Both are sealed in unopened boxes.