F/T: Unproduced Prototype Figures

Sep 21, 2003
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Hello all!

Have a couple of goodies for trade. I am hoping to trade these for/towards items I need for my collection. Have a look at the pics below.

(For bigger hi-res photos, visit my Webshots: http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/575857320IwiHDm)

EP1 Holographic Nute Gunray (Unproduced)

Unproduced figure from the "Episode 1" line, slated for 2000 release. To this day, this figure has not been released by Hasbro. Unpainted first shot, has copyrights/dates. As close to the production figure as you are going to get!

EP1 Captain Tarpals (Unproduced 1998 Copyright Info)

Looks like the production Tarpals but has the unreleased 1998 copyright on the foot (the released figure had 1999 on the foot). Unpainted, molded in non-production colors (though not drastically colorful). And it does, of course, have copyright info.

POTJ Darth Vader, "CD-ROM" Version (Unproduced)

Slated for 2001 release, this and the CD-ROM Luke figures were shelved by Hasbro. The Luke figure did see release in 2003 in the Saga line but was resculpted a bit; Vader, on the other hand, appears to have totally scrapped. Painted first shot, no dates/copyright. A beautiful piece.

Looking for...

I am hoping to trade these figures towards items I need for my collection. My focus is unproduced items from around 1995 to 2002.
If interested in any of my items, please PM me and perhaps we can work out a trade!