F/S TVC At At Walker & TLC Millennium Falcon (BMF) SOLD! PLEASE LOCK!

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Mar 11, 2007
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For sale are 2 of the best vehicles (IMO) that were ever released.

The Legacy Collection At At Walker is complete. Not one thing missing. Used as a display only. All electronics and phrases work, all lights light up. The back mechanism to release the speeder bike works flawlessly. Also included are the instructions and the sticker sheet that has only 5 stickers taken off and put on the At At. All the other stickers are unapplied. Also included is the At At driver and a complete Vintage Collection At At Commander. SOLD

The Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon. This has been used for display only and is in perfect condition. The lights, electronics and all phrases work perfectly and the cargo ramp goes up and down with the push of the button with no problems. There are no stickers applied and no stickers come with it. I do have the cardboard insert for it as seen in the pictures.
Things missing: 3 projectile missiles, the escape pod (with its missiles), the chess pieces and Han and Chewy. Everything else is there. FALCON SOLD

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