everyone get the new star wars gamer



I bought Star Wars gamer today it was great.
The thing that excitied me the most about the magazine was what came with it. A terrific poster of the entire star wars galaxy it looks terrific also great looking stickers come with it. If you never purchased the gamer before because your not into roleplaying or star wars games buy it just because of the poster and stickers great job to the star wars gamer A+++++
Jun 17, 2000
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Yea, I love this mag. Short stories, neat artwork, stats for the game, background info expanding characters and races from the movies ... really a fun resource. And even though I consider most of the Marvel comics apocraphyl (c'mon ... a rabbit gunslinger?), I love that Gamer is publishing stats on some of the Marvel races, since I did grow up with them after all.
Sep 9, 2000
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I, too, have the latest issue of Gamer. In fact, I have a subscription. Also, as a fan club member, I receive the Insider. And since they alterate months, I get a Star Wars magazine every month.

I'm very impressed with Gamer. Cool articles. Neat pack ins. And a nice layout. The Insider has taken a few issues to get changed over to the "Wizards" flavor, but it is getting there.

I, too, would recommend Gamer for non-RPG playing folks. I think they will be pleasantly surprised.